Jeffrey Klenda on the staying power of Ur-Energy’s uranium project and the dangers of the Russian Suspension Agreement

“When you talk about our quarter and our seventh year we are very pleased,” Jeffrey Klenda, Chairman, President, and CEO of Ur‐Energy Inc. (NYSE American: URG | TSX: URE), told InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky in an interview. “We started production in August of 2013. The thing that is most astonishing about it is that during that time we have emerged as one of the lowest cost producers, not just in North America but globally.”

“Our recovery rate is in excess of 90%,” Klenda told InvestorIntel. “We are still producing out of our first mine unit, seven years after we first started production there. That is extraordinary considering that most mine units last about two to three years before they are done. It’s a beast of a project. We are in the second mine unit now and we have ten mine units to go after this. So, it is going to be a long life project.”

Jeffrey went on to speak about the Russian Suspension Agreement. He said that the Agreement has morphed into a way for Russian companies to dump nuclear fuel into the US market. As a result, the US has developed an inordinate dependency on the Russian supply. He cautioned, “it is an unwise energy policy and it is downright dangerous national security policy.”

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