dynaCERT’s Jim Payne on how “HydraLytica™ is like a freight management system on steroids”

InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky speaks with Jim Payne, President, CEO and Director of dynaCERT Inc. (TSX: DYA | OTCQX: DYFSF), about dynaCERT’s expansion into the FreightTech industry with its HydraLytica™ Technology. “FreightTech is a perfect fit with what we do,” Jim said. “HydraLytica™ is like a freight management system on steroids. We have taken that to a whole new level.”

In this InvestorIntel interview, which may also be viewed on YouTube (click here to subscribe to the InvestorIntel Channel), Jim went on to say, “with our technology we can not only track the truck and track fuel efficiencies and reduction in emissions but we can also track everything from maintenance of a vehicle, driving habits and where they can improve driving habits, we can also show improved truck routes to save time and fuel and also accidents report.”

Jim quoted from a study that stated that nitrous oxide is more harmful to the climate than CO2, and explains to the listener how dynaCERT reduces nitrogen oxide from a diesel engine. Adding, “We are a Canadian company with a global solution to reduce pollution.”  It is important to note that they have  recently received the highest rating from United Nations Sustainable Smart Cities.

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dynaCERT’s revenues begin to ramp up exponentially as a global solution provider for pollution reduction

COVID-19 has shown us what a world without air pollution can be like. As economies reopen and pollution returns, governments and individuals will be demanding greater emissions reductions. China and Europe are already leading the way in 2020 with policies to reduce emissions.

The COVID-19 lockdown resulted in a massive drop in air pollution across China and globally


If you are new to dynaCERT Inc. (TSXV: DYA | OTCQB: DYFSF), dynaCERT manufactures, distributes, and installs Carbon Emission Reduction Technology (CERT) for use with diesel engines. Their flagship product is HydraGEN™, which is an electrolysis unit that produces H2 and O2 gases which act to optimize the burn, resulting in an up to 19% increase in fuel economy and a +50% reduction in emissions.

dynaCERT’s HydraGEN reduces fuel consumption and drastically reduces emissions:

How dynaCERT’s HydraGEN works to reduce fuel consumption and emissions:


dynaCERT have already spent $60 million developing the technology to date, including 16 years of R&D to commercialization. They have worldwide patented technology with a unique electrolysis reactor, unique processes, unique electronic control unit, and a unique encrypted data management. They have achieved certification in several global jurisdictions, and have a first mover advantage.

With an enormous global market to address, which includes around one billion diesel engines —  dynaCERT has already made inroads into the initial markets shown below.


dynaCERT has the following global partners/dealers:

  • Mosolf – Has installations & 23 showrooms throughout Europe. Distribution channels in Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic.
  • Farhi Holdings – Distributor for Brazil & Israel.
  • H2 Tek – 43 active mining conversations, 15 trial negotiations, 6 trials. Mining projects in: Canada, USA, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Russia, Mongolia, and Australia.
  • KarbonKleen – Financing for Mexico assembly with an MOU for 1,000,000 units. KarbonKleen was recently awarded the exclusive dealership rights in the trucking industry in the USA until December 31, 2024 (subject to certain quotas of a minimum of 150,000 HydraGEN Technology units over a little more than 3 years).

Brian Semkiw, KarbonKleen’s Chairman & CEO, stated: “In the past few months, some of the largest fleets in North America have been piloting HydraGEN Technology. These fleets have been experiencing the benefits of the reduced emissions, increased performance and fuel savings across all users and we expect a vibrant expansion of the pilot programmes to full fleet deployment with the subsiding of the Coronavirus pandemic. This investment by DISH and our partnership with Velociti will enable us to meet the anticipated demand with the delivery and maintenance professionalism that large fleets demand.”

Ranked #1 Company across all sectors on the 2020 TSX Venture 50 in February, dynaCERT recently announced (May 14) that they had received conditional approval to graduate to the Toronto Stock Exchange. This is a significant milestone and a plus for the company and its investors as it now allows greater exposure for potential future buyers including institutional investors.

Jean-Pierre Colin, Executive Vice President of dynaCERT, stated: “Graduating to the TSX represents a significant milestone in our efforts to broaden our appeal to a larger shareholder base, including institutional investors, and raise the Company’s profile among the investment community. We expect this graduation to further enhance the liquidity of our stock and enable us to continue building long-term shareholder value.”

As dynaCERT’s revenues are set to grow exponentially from just C$1 million in 2019 to a forecast C$62 million in 2020, and C$224 million in 2021 — dynaCERT is now at a stage of monetizing their many years of R&D.


With a growing customer base and global partners/dealers dynaCERT should now see a constant ramp up in product orders starting now. The KarbonKleen Mexico MOU for 1 million units and US trucking dealership (150,000 minimum units), the Mosolf European dealership, combined with Farhi Holdings and H2 Tek give a broad and growing global reach to sell dynaCERT’s products, thereby fast tracking sales.

After a rapid rise in 2019, dynaCERT’s stock price has pulled back recently due to the COVID-19 sell off thereby allowing investors who may have missed earlier opportunities a chance to enter at an attractive valuation. The market cap is still only C$145 million, with an analyst’s consensus target price of C$2.00, representing 208% upside, investor Eric Sprott “jumped onboard” as an investor earlier this year.

dynaCERT’s Jim Payne on Ranking #1, Eric Sprott’s Investment and Carbon Credits

In an InvestorIntel interview during PDAC last week, Tracy Weslosky secures an interview update with President, CEO & Director Jim Payne on dynaCERT Inc. (TSXV: DYA | OTCQB: DYFSF), a manufacturer and distributor of Carbon Emission Reduction Technology for use with internal combustion engines.

Jim started by saying that dynaCERT is the number 1 ranked company across all sectors on 2020 TSX Venture 50. He added that dynaCERT has a global solution to reduce pollution that people can adopt right now. The company is at the forefront of the carbon credits market and has recently attracted investors like Eric Sprott and Dr. Joerg Mosolf of Mosolf SE & CO. AG who have invested in the company. Jim continued, “Sustainability is a big thing today — with our technology, we have a solution now. We are reducing emissions very significantly for any internal combustion engine.”

The company is well capitalized and has a continued revenue stream. Jim also revealed that he has been asked to speak at the World Climate Summit in November in the UK on the future of the world’s carbon credits.

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Disclaimer: dynaCERT Inc. is an advertorial member of InvestorIntel Corp.

dynaCERT’s technology in demand as we approach the 2020 tighter emission standards

One of the biggest trends for the next decade will be a Government led push for ‘reduced vehicle emissions’. Europe and China will lead the way, with the US set to lag under the Trump administration. Ramping up in 2020, car manufacturers will need to dramatically reduce emissions or face huge fines. One report estimates these fines could reach 34 billion euros (~US$37.5 billion) just in Europe, if car manufacturers don’t rapidly reduce emissions.

The new emission standards will hit Europe in just 6 weeks time, starting January 1, 2020. The US will also soon be announcing new emission standards. According to a recent Reuters report, the US EPA is prepared to enact new regulations to curtail smog, and plans to set new standards next year for nitrogen oxide emissions from heavy trucks. China will also start implementing tougher vehicle emission standards from January 1, 2020, and then go nationwide.

All of this means investors should be looking now at companies that can help car manufacturers reduce emissions. One such company is dynaCERT Inc. (TSXV: DYA | OTCQB: DYFSF).

dynaCERT manufactures, distributes, and installs Carbon Emission Reduction Technology (CERT) for use with internal combustion engines, and especially for diesel engines. Their flagship product is HydraGEN™.

Here is a sample what dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ Technology can achieve.

  • 19.2% reduction in fuel consumption
  • 88.7% reduction in NOx emissions
  • 46.7% reduction in CO emissions
  • 9.6% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 57.1% reduction in THC emissions
  • 55.3% reduction in particulate matter (no black smoke)
  • 60% reduction of Diesel Emission Fuel (DEF) usage
  • Increase engine power and torque as well as extending engine and oil life thereby saving on maintenance costs

dynaCERT forms a new alliance with a large truck servicing company named MOSOLF

dynaCERT has recently formed a strategic alliance with MOSOLF, one of the largest truck servicing companies in Europe. MOSOLF has agreed to purchase one thousand HydraGEN units in 2020. This purchase will give dynaCERT representation across five countries in the European Union. Of this initial order dynaCERT has announced that it has commenced the shipping of one hundred HydraGEN™ Technology Units to Europe.

Jim Payne, President and CEO of dynaCERT, stated: “dynaCERT is 100% committed to supporting MOSOLF in Europe as we are with all our dealers world-wide. With this initial shipping order, MOSOLF is demonstrating their rapid response and the genuine capabilities of their highly respected team in Europe.”

Dr. Joerg Mosolf, Chief Executive Officer of the MOSOLF Group, stated: “We are very pleased to accelerate our ordering process and installation schedule of dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ Technology.”

A dynaCERT promotion at the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo in Red Deer


dynaCERT alliance with KarbonKleen and strategic equity investment

Announced just yesterday, dynaCERT has recently delivered the first 150  HydraGEN™ Technology Units to KarbonKleen Inc. (KarbonKleen) destined for Mexico, as part of a total purchase order of 400 units.

Also as part of a recent $1.35 million private placement to a major European strategic investor, KarbonKleen has also subscribed for a substantial amount of the offering.

dynaCERT is expanding rapidly with 40 dealers around the world

dynaCERT now has up to 40 dealers around the world selling their products to small and large truck owners, fleets, and government organisations that use diesel engines. With a billion diesel engines in the world dynaCERT’s green emission technology is in big demand.

It is easy to see why as HydraGEN™ reduces fuel use by up to 20% with the important bonus of also reducing carbon emissions by over 50%. dynaCERT’s patented technology has been certified around the world including Germany where their technology has undergone four different rigorous tests and validations from some of the best experts in diesel engine technology.

dynaCERT is penetrating the mining industry

dynaCERT is also penetrating into the mining industry with its emission control technology and has received a German innovation award as well as an award from the Colorado mining industry. The Company is now applying to have its emission-reduction technology certified as a Carbon Credit creator for diesel engines.

2020 will be a remarkable year for dynaCERT as Europe, China and others make significant moves to reduce vehicle emissions. The past week of new orders and deals should be just a warm up for 2020.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada; dynaCERT Inc. has a market cap of C$ 140 million. Analyst’s consensus price target is C$1.90, representing 296% upside.

Carbon emission reduction technology dynaCERT stock surges ~85% in July on more good news

dynaCERT Inc. (TSXV: DYA | OTCQB: DYFSF) has been on a tear the past month, up ~85% in the month of July. dynaCERT manufactures, distributes, and installs Carbon Emission Reduction Technology for use in internal combustion engines. Their flagship product HydraGEN™, uses simple electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen on demand and supplies these through the air intake to optimize the burn resulting in an average of 10-15% increase in fuel economy, but more importantly, emissions can be reduced by over 50%.

dynaCERT launches HydraLytica

In a recent news, dynaCERT launched its new vehicle Telematics device software called HydraLytica™. The software will enable easy access to fuel savings and carbon emission reduction reports from diesel-powered vehicles and machinery equipped with the Company’s HydraGEN™ Technology. The software will read data directly from a truck’s onboard diagnostic port (OBD) and relay information to dynaCERT’s cloud server remotely through the Company’s patented Smart ECU which is integrated into the HydraGEN™ Technology units. HydraLytica™ will determine fuel consumption, distance traveled, and will calculate fuel savings and reductions of polluting emissions in kilograms of CO2 equivalent. Users of the HydraGEN™ Technology will now have documented proof and will remove doubts to the market as the software does not rely on human interpretation that may possibly be biased.

An award-winning technology

Through their innovative technology dynaCERT has recently received the 2019 prize for energy solutions in the business to business category at the German Innovation Awards competition and have also received the Gold Certificate Award from the European Society for Quality Research also in Germany.

Jim Payne, CEO and President of dynaCERT Inc. comments on HydraGEN™– “There are no real competitors close to where we are with our technology. What we actually do is we produce pure hydrogen and pure oxygen on-demand through a very unique electrolysis system. More importantly, our system is so fully computerized, it is like a smartphone, it is learning all the time.”

KarbonKleen Inc. agreement offers dynaCERT’s dealers a financing alternative

dynaCERT has also recently entered into a compelling financing alternative for dealers of its HydraGEN™ Technology. Now clients will be able to subscribe to the Company’s HG145 line of products on a monthly payment basis. Canadian based KarbonKleen Inc. has indicated it will offer dynaCERT’s Dealers a financing alternative, under specified terms and conditions, under KarbonKleen’s new guaranteed pay-per-month program. The guarantee is offered under a 2 year minimum deal if their registered trucks drive at least 5000 miles (8,047 km) per month, which will be measured by dynaCERT’s new telemetry system, HydraLytica™.

KarbonKleen is so confident in the technology that it has indicated it will refund the subscription cost if fuel savings are not more than the actual subscription cost. By doing this they are offering users risk-free guaranteed results. Most often the hindrance in technology advancement in the trucking industry is the capital costs involved. KarbonKleen have overcome this obstacle very elegantly by eliminating most of the risk for the end user with a money-back guarantee and offering a faster return of investment.

Jim Payne, CEO stated: “The opportunity of users of dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ Technology to avail themselves of monthly payments, which can be offset by fuel savings, is a huge benefit to our clients and Dealers.”

A truck promoting dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ Technology

The potential for dynaCERT and its HydraGEN™ technology is very significant as they have recently signed a deal with a Mexican trucking company for an initial one hundred HydraGEN™ units. The test units are expected to be the precedent for a potentially larger market in Mexico of up to 1 million HydraGEN units.

Speaking of deals progressing, dynaCERT and their dealer H2 Tek are ‘advancing favourably’ several important mining initiatives. With purchase orders accepted by dynaCERT, H2 Tek is already deploying dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ Technology with installations at two large mining companies operating in South America. Stay tuned for further announcements.

With up to 1 million potential sales in Mexico and a global demand to reduce greenhouse gases, dynaCERT’s fuel-saving and emissions reduction technology could be the thing the transport industry is looking for. No wonder their market value is rising so fast.

Jim Payne on dynaCERT’s award-winning carbon emission reduction technology for diesel engines

“There are no real competitors close to where we are with our technology. The Company has been trying to do this for fifteen years. We have spent 50 million dollars in 15 years to perfect this. What we actually do is we produce pure hydrogen and pure oxygen on-demand through a very unique electrolysis system. More importantly, our system is so fully computerized, it is like a smartphone, it is learning all the time. It is learning driving habits, it is learning the terrain, it is learning the altitude, climate, and everything, so it is altering the flow of gas to optimize the burn. We are a catalyst, we are not fuel. We optimize the burn, by doing that we give an average of 10-15% increase in fuel economy and more importantly reduce emissions by north of 50%…” States Jim Payne, CEO and President of dynaCERT Inc. (TSXV: DYA | OTCQB: DYFSF), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky.

Jim went on to discuss dynaCERT’s recent purchase order for 100 HydraGEN™ units destined for trucking in Mexico from KarbonKleen LLC. He said that the 100 unit order is expected to be a precedent for a potential exponentially larger market in Mexico of up to 1 million more HydraGEN™ units. Jim also discussed dynaCERT winning two major awards in Germany. dynaCERT recently received the prize for Energy Solutions in 2019 in the Business-to-Business category at the German Innovation Awards competition and received the Gold Certificate Award from The European Society for Quality Research in Germany.

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Disclaimer: dynaCERT Inc. is an advertorial member of InvestorIntel Corp.

Smartcool’s global expansion for reducing emissions and saving companies money is well underway

How cool is Smartcool. A company that reduces your emissions and saves you money.

Smartcool Systems Inc. (TSXV: SSC) is a global clean technology company helping some of the world’s largest organizations enhance their profitability while lowering their carbon footprint. Smartcool’s successful technology solutions have lowered operating costs for over a 1000 companies worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies. The Companies unique retrofit technologies can reduce the energy consumption of compressors in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems by up to 40%. This technology has been validated by rigorous third party testing, government organizations, and over 28,000 private business installations.

Smartcool is expanding globally

Smartcool’s global expansion continues with the predicted small business energy management market expected to grow by 400% in the new few years. Having made in-roads into the UK with one of the largest suppliers of electricity and natural gas, Smartcool has now established a wholly owned subsidiary in Germany for the purpose of selling its products directly into the German market.

So far Smartcool has completed an installation in Germany at a large international food processing company. This food company has 9 facilities in Germany and a total of 65 locations worldwide. Results of the initial installation will be monitored with savings expected to be up to 40%. Once these savings have been confirmed the Company expects other plants to install Smartcool technology. Clearly this has potential to be a key customer and ultimately country for Smartcool.

Smartcool’s recent achievements and next steps

Smartcool has retained the services of Dr. Georg Hochwimmer to both manage the operations of the Company and build a sales team in Germany. Dr. Hochwimmer states: “The German marketplace is very large, particularly its manufacturing base. The electricity rates are amongst the highest in Europe, far exceeding the costs in the USA.”

Total Energy Concepts

It is also anticipated Smartcool’s wholly owned subsidiary, Total Energy Concepts, developed products will continue to have further applicability for the UK and German markets.

Smartcool has recently appointed Sharon Kordysz as Chief Operating Officer. Ms. Kordysz experience in leading diverse teams will guide Smartcool’s aggressive growth strategy. Responsibilities will include global operations and development strategies of the company, as well as building a team to exceed customer expectations.

CEO Ted Konyi said: “We are thrilled to have her expertise as part of our management group, and under her guidance will continue to expand our operational and sales teams.”

Government’s energy policies that mandate for emission reductions are a strong driver for companies to search out solutions. The combination of high electricity rates in many countries and a need to reduce emissions is creating a tremendous opportunity for Smartcool and their suite of efficiency technologies.

Going green is no longer just a trend. We have been told for years the globe is getting warmer, but many detractors remain in denial. Forward thinking countries are now mandating stricter emission reductions. Smartcool Systems Inc. is offering solutions to help, and are assisting to meet mandated emission reductions, and at the same time saving companies money with reduced costs.

For investors Smartcool is definitely one to follow as they continue to expand globally.