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Geopolitical tensions a reminder for the West to seek greater rare earths independence from China

There are two geopolitical disputes that could have significant effects on the prices of strategic commodities. The first is in […]

Chinese REE ‘alliance’ lawsuit against Hitachi could lead to further REE price increases

About a dozen Chinese rare earth companies have decided to join forces, in a veritable Alliance, to challenge the Japanese […]

LYNAS Finally…almost… Free from SMSL Group, Lifton Survivor List Spurs Debate

Rare Earths and Critical Minerals Week-in-Review: The Indian Ocean was the setting for some of the biggest headlines in the […]

Alkane Resources emerges as a winner in the Japan-China Dispute

Alkane Resources (‘Alkane’, ASX: ALK), developing the Dubbo Zirconia project,  has reached the final stage of feasibility and expects to […]

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