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ICL and Allana form a strategic alliance to take advantage of growing potash demand in Asia and Africa

Israel Chemicals (‘ICL’, TASE: ICL) and Allana Potash (‘Allana’, TSX: AAA | OTCQX: ALLRF) have established an alliance to develop […]

Month in Review: Shares drop but Potash Market Conditions improving

In February the share prices for ProEdgeWire Potash and Phosphate sponsors dropped by a total of 8.63%, reflecting a decline […]

High Water Recharge Rate brings Allana’s ambitious Targets Closer to Reach

On January 7, Allana Potash (‘Allana’, TSX: AAA) announced that it has delineated a significant water source with very high […]

Allana Potash announces additional Water Resources from Nova Acquisition

On December 11, Allana revealed the results of the drill holes from the Nova property, noting that the Nova acquisition […]

Ethiopia: from Famine to a leading Emerging Market in Three Decades

Allana Potash (Allana, TSX: AAA) is set to become the first and largest potash producers in Africa thanks to its […]

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