Sobriety testing for both alcohol and cannabis at the same time, Cultivar Holdings lists on the CSE

With so much focus this year on the personal use cannabis market it’s easy to forget that there are some really unique cannabis companies entering the market. One such company has an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can be used by law enforcement and companies to detect cannabis (and alcohol) impairment.

Cultivar Holdings Inc.‘s (CSE: CULT) vision is to be a global leader in the cannabis space. Their portfolio ranges from the development of cannabis-derived products that are backed by science to artificial intelligence based solutions to detect cannabis impairment. Cultivar is a holding company for 3 globally focused cannabis companies that each provides a unique investment opportunity in their own right.

1. Predict MEDiX (AI based solutions)

Research studies have been unable to consistently correlate levels of marijuana consumption, or THC in a person’s body, to accurately detect levels of impairment. Using a measure of THC as evidence of a driver’s impairment is not supported by scientific evidence. Predict MEDiX has developed an artificial intelligence powered facial and voice recognition software to identify cannabis and alcohol impairment. THC detection methodology including a breathalyzer cannot work for cannabis impairment, this is where Predict MEDiX AI based facial/voice recognition technology comes into play. A US Congressional report has also indicated that THC has no correlation with impairment and any technology to detect THC in breath or bodily fluids will not identify impairment. Someone can even take pills and edibles that can’t be detected on a breathalyzer. This AI technology goes way beyond driver impairment. Even in global jurisdictions where cannabis is legal, cannabis impairment is a huge concern for workplace safety.

Predict MEDiX has signed a JV agreement with Tech Mahindra (a multibillion dollar technology player ranked among top 15 IT companies globally) to launch the AI technology via their global client base in mining, manufacturing, and the automotive sector.

Cultivar has also signed an agreement with one of the world’s largest aluminum players Hindalco. They are part of the parent corporation Aditya Birla group which has annual revenues exceeding US$44 billion. They want to deploy the AI technology in their mining division and subsequently explore the use of the technology in their other worldwide businesses. Predict MEDiX’s first product for workplace impairment is designed for both cannabis and alcohol, and is to be launched by Q2 of 2020. The AI technology will be backed by a study of over 3,500 participants.

Cultivar Holdings offers exposure to Predict MEDiX AI solutions

2. Dazed Leaf and Vivir Cosmetics (CBD infused products)

Dazed Leaf is a cannabis nutraceutical company which is reinventing health and wellness teas by offering unique health-focused Cannabidiol (CBD) infused products, which have been scientifically formulated and are free of chemicals and preservatives. Identifying a growing demand in CBD infused products coupled with a growing health and wellness trend in North America. Dazed Leaf seeks to create scientifically proven health and wellness teas infused with CBD to be at the forefront of this new industry. Vivir Cosmetics CBD infused cosmetics has many benefits including reduced inflammation, anti-aging, moisturizing and efficacy in treating skin disorders. Currently they have completed the development of 3 product lines including a face mask, serum and moisturizer. These have been developed using herbal extracts which have shown efficacy for skincare along with CBD.

3. Cultivar Jamaica (CBD Cultivation)

Cultivar Jamaica is working towards becoming a grower, supplier and distributor of CBD oils and when laws permit, THC in Jamaica. The mission is to be a manufacturer and wholesaler of consumable cannabis products including cosmetics, natural health products, pharmaceuticals, veterinary health products, vaporizer oil and edibles. Cultivar Jamaica has been granted four pre-licences from the Jamaican government. These include Issuance of License to cultivate, process, transport and for retail from the Cannabis Licensing Authority in Jamaica. They are only the 5th company to receive licenses in the spiritual home of pot smoking and cricket.

Cultivar Holdings Inc. offers investors 3 exciting cannabis related businesses for the price of one. Investors can gain diversification across the cannabis sector and into some niche areas. Predict MEDiX AI based solutions is a very interesting new development in the workplace safety area and is set to go global offering investors a unique opportunity at the early stages of the game.

Cultivar Holdings Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Canada; and is set to list on the CSE today.