Fintech Select CEO on their competitive cryptocurrency solutions for point-of-sale

Mohammad Abuleil, CEO and Director of Fintech Select Ltd. (TSXV: FTEC) (“Fintech Select”) in an interview with InvestorIntel Senior Editor, Jeff Wareham discuss their pre-paid card programs and point-of-sale cryptocurrency solutions. Fintech Select has been in the financial payment services market for over 18 years, originally deploying pre-paid card programs with various organizations and government agencies. To further expand Fintech Select’s financial services, they saw an opportunity to simplify the current process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies for the non-experienced consumer. Mohammad explains Fintech Select’s cryptocurrency solution process is 1) a customer logs into Fintech Select’s website with their information, 2) once logged in the customer links their closed loop card with their digital one, 3) when the customer goes to one of Fintech Select’s point-of-sale locations they swipe the card and are be able to buy Bitcoins that will be deposited instantly into their digital wallets. He then goes on discuss the point-of-sale location network and what investors can expect to hear in the coming months.

Jeff Wareham: Fintech Select is inn point of sale and cryptocurrency. Everybody in the market is buzzing about both of those areas right now.  Tell me a little bit about the company.

Mohammad Abuleil: Fintech Select has been in the market in serving its customers in financial payment services for more than 18 years. We have been deploying our prepaid card programs across multiple organizations and government parties as well. In an event, to keep expanding on the financial services that we provide, we started actually looking into expanding the point-of-sale cryptocurrency solutions and peer to peer solutions to the marketplace. The point of sale cryptocurrency actually, the idea behind it is to facilitate and simply the cryptocurrency transactions to Canadians where they can just have access at our point of sale locations to buy and sell cryptocurrency in a very fast and easy way than what exists now.

Jeff Wareham: You indicated that a lot of your clients are typically clients that are now dealing with banks. How do they come in contact with your company?

Mohammad Abuleil: Over the years the company has built a very good network of point of sale locations and retailers where we are going to try to utilize to you with this access of distribution network and retailer network. People will be going to these point of sale locations and with cash payments they can be able to buy cryptocurrency and Bitcoins in this way.

Jeff Wareham: They would be purchasing these Bitcoin cards. Is that the plan?…to access the complete interview, click here

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