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Avoiding A Critical Technology Metals (Lithium, Cobalt and Nickel) Disaster in the Real World

Mineral economists advising the U.S. government make mathematical models to predict real world outcomes even though they do not know […]

Lifton challenges the Green Elite Environmentalists to provide real evidence of an industrial park powered solely on alternative energy

Following the Engineering as well as the Science: Misrepresenting the Type of Energy Production Needs for the Supply of and […]

With recent moves in the USA towards supporting key critical mining projects, will NioCorp Developments make the list?

Critical metals scandium, titanium, and niobium are all doing well as global demand for metals remains robust in 2021. In […]

Alphamin Resources is producing the glue of technology

When last we looked at Alphamin Resources Corp. (TSXV: AFM) in early May the stock was up 177% in 5 […]

Lithium by the numbers, is there enough to deal with battery-powered electric vehicle demand?

Understanding the looming lithium supply crisis is perhaps the cure for the environmentalists’ movement’s bipolar approach to the profligate use […]

Jack Lifton on the Real X-Factor in the Critical Materials Supply Chain

America’s permanent civil servants, otherwise known as the employees of Federal agencies and the staffers of the elected officials of […]

Jack Lifton on Apple Cars Rare Earths Supply Chain Rumors

In this episode of InvestorIntel’s Critical Materials Corner with Jack Lifton, Jack talks about the rumored soon-to-be signed contract between Apple and […]