Kodiak Copper expands their MPD Copper-Gold Porphyry Property by 51% and increases the strike length of the Gate Zone by over 500%

Copper metal prices have recently fallen back from a May 11 high of US$4.74 to US$4.30 today, resulting in lower prices for many copper stocks. Furthermore, the July 9 news of China reducing their reserve requirement ratio by 0.5% for most banks will unleash about 1 trillion yuan (US$154 billion) of long-term liquidity into the Chinese economy and will be effective on July 15, 2021.

These two events are very good news for investors looking to buy into the copper sector. Lower prices mean better buying, and Chinese stimulus usually means stronger copper demand and higher future prices.

One copper junior miner has seen its stock price pullback around 25% since peaking on May 17, 2021. The Company is Kodiak Copper Corp. (TSXV: KDK | OTCQB: KDKCF) (“Kodiak”). Investors can take a longer look at this junior miner with enormous potential, now selling at a ~25% discounted stock price since May.

Kodiak Copper stock price has dropped ~25% as copper prices fell since mid May, 2021

Source: Yahoo Finance

More good news for Kodiak Copper

Ironically while the stock price of Kodiak Copper fell back 25% following the copper fall, the Company has released a string of good news.

April 19, 2021 – Kodiak expands MPD Project through acquisition of Axe Copper-Gold Property of 4,980 hectares. This is a huge expansion and increases the MPD project by 51% to a total of 14,716 hectares. The release stated: “Axe is contiguous with Kodiak’s 100% owned MPD Project….with year-round accessibility from paved roads and excellent infrastructure. Axe is host to a porphyry complex comprised of four drill-proven copper-gold porphyry centres and has potential for additional targets similar to Kodiak’s Gate Zone……Four known zones of porphyry copper-gold mineralization (West, Adit, Mid, and South) occur within an extensive copper-gold porphyry system having a 17 square kilometre hydrothermal footprint.” This is a great acquisition which it seems the market is yet to appreciate. You can read the transaction details here.

MPD-Axe Properties location map within British Columbia, Canada


May 11, 2021 – Kodiak provided an update on the drill program at MPD Copper-Gold Porphyry Project in Southern British Columbia. Plans for 2021 include up to 30,000 metres of drilling at several priority target areas, as well as further geotechnical studies…New drilling at the Gate Zone in 2021 has intersected prospective, sulphide-bearing altered porphyritic host rock at least another 125 metres south, and 75 metres north of last year’s drilling. This is more excellent news as the resource strike length grows.

June 17, 2021 – Kodiak adds a second drill rig at MPD Copper-Gold Porphyry Project in Southern British Columbia.

July 7, 2021 – Kodiak reports increase in strike length of Gate Zone from 125 m to 800 m, intersects 242 m of 0.52% CuEq in 575 m step-out. With over 15 drill holes completed by Kodiak to date, results suggest that the 1.2 kilometre long copper-in soil target in this area is underlain by a significant copper-gold-silver porphyry system.

It is the first and last news above that are most exciting.

The expansion of the MPD Project through the acquisition of the Axe Copper-Gold Property increases the MPD property size by 51% and therefore increases the potential end resource size.

The Gate Zone strike length extension was massive, an increase from 125m to 800m, or over a 6x (>500%) increase. Furthermore the drill result of “242 m of 0.52% CuEq in 575 m step-out” is exceptional in its length and will add to the resource estimate by being in a step-out zone outside the known resource area. This paves the way for further significant expansion of the resource.

Kodiak Chairman, Chris Taylor, stated: “With a six-fold increase in its drill-confirmed strike length to over 800 metres, and the identification of high-temperature bornite-rich copper mineralization, the Gate Zone has growing similarities to other large scale copper porphyry systems in British Columbia. In particular, recent mineralization and alteration discoveries have similarities to the Red Chris deposit where Newcrest Mining Ltd. recently acquired a 70% interest. Like the Gate Zone at MPD, Red Chris has high-grade copper-gold-silver mineralization core with a broad lower grade halo.”

Summary of Kodiak Copper’s projects

  • The MPD copper-gold porphyry project – 100% owned, very large (9,733 hectare land package plus the new Axe property bring the total to 14,716 hectares) in a proven, mineral producing belt, in British Columbia (BC), Canada. For those that are new to Kodiak Copper, the Company amalgamated 3 projects into one – Man, Prime, Dillard. In 2020 Kodiak Copper drilled a massive 282 m of 0.70% copper and 0.49 g/t gold (1.16% CuEq). The MPD Property has road access and is close to nearby power, towns, and other mines.
  • The Mohave Copper-Molybdenum-Silver Porphyry Project in Arizona USA
  • The Kahuna Diamond Project in Canada.

Finding copper at Kodiak Copper’s MPD Project in British Columbia, Canada

Source: Kodiak Copper images gallery

Closing remarks

A recent copper price dip has resulted in Kodiak Copper’s stock price pulling back by about 25%. Combine this with the July 15 reduction of China’s banking reserve ratio requirement by 0.5% and you have a nice combination of value and growth that has appeared.

Kodiak Copper trades on a market cap of just C$72 million and has huge exploration potential upside, especially given their assets, past results, and proven management. One to consider strongly.

Biden’s US$2T+ infrastructure plan should support strong copper demand and be a tailwind for Kodiak Copper

The US$2T+ Biden infrastructure plan announced today will be built on copper. The US$2T+ plan includes an additional US$400B of clean energy tax credits which will give US wind and solar energy a huge tailwind in the years ahead. Other parts of the plan support Electric Vehicles (EVs) and rebuilding infrastructure. All of which requires huge amounts of copper.

For example, BHP says that one wind turbine uses 4 tonnes of copper (video link). President Biden announced yesterday that the US will target to deploy 30 GW of offshore wind energy by 2030. This equates to roughly 3,000 wind turbines assuming an average of 10MW per turbine. 3,000 turbines mean 12,000 tonnes of copper (~26 million pounds) would be needed this decade just for new US offshore wind turbines. Now that is a huge amount of copper and potentially a lucrative business for copper miners given copper prices are now at ~US$4/lb.

Copper is on a bull run as the green energy boom takes off


Copper producer’s stock prices are reflecting the higher copper prices from the past year. However, copper juniors that can grow their resource are not yet reflecting their full stock price potential. This means for investors with a 5-7 year time frame ‘successful’ copper juniors offer much greater reward, and of course greater risk. One junior with enormous upside potential is Kodiak Copper Corp. (TSXV: KDK | OTCQB: KDKCF) (‘Kodiak’).

Kodiak 100% own the MPD copper-gold porphyry property spread over their 9,733-hectare land package in British Columbia, Canada. I introduced Kodiak previously here, so today I will focus on their latest progress and next steps.

Kodiak’s latest drill results

On Feb. 8, 2021 Kodiak announced drill results from five further holes from their exploration program at their MPD copper-gold porphyry project. Following on from past great results with superb long copper-gold mineralization, Kodiak reported 213 m of 0.65% copper and 0.37 g/t Gold (1.00% CuEq) and 171 m of 0.62% Copper and 0.43 g/t Gold (1.03% CuEq), as well as other results.

Claudia Tornquist, President and CEO of Kodiak, stated: “Once again, the Gate Zone has yielded impressive copper-gold numbers over significant widths. With only a small number of holes drilled so far, we have already intersected the newly discovered high-grade zone at Gate and the surrounding larger mineralized envelope over significant dimensions. Over 90% of this kilometre-long target remains unexplored by Kodiak, with considerable discovery potential yet to be unlocked.”

The key to understand about these drill results is the massive interval lengths as is typical of porphyry systems. This typically allows them to be mined at scale, despite the grades not being as high as some other smaller or underground copper projects.

Kodiak Copper MPD Project – Gate Zone drilling results


Next steps for Kodiak

Kodiak will continue exploring at MPD in 2021 with a fully funded, significantly larger program which includes up to 30,000 meters of drilling in several target areas, as well as further geophysical and geochemical surveying, prospecting and geotechnical studies.

Closing remarks

The green energy boom is only just beginning to take off now and is set to have a superb decade (green energy metals supercycle) as countries all around the world shift from fossil fuels to cleaner renewable energy in order to meet their emissions targets. China and Europe will continue to lead, but with Biden in power, the US will start a rapid catch-up beginning today with the US$2T+ US$400B infrastructure plan (assumes Congress passes it). Copper prices have been surging over the past 6 months as the market identifies the strong demand drivers and limited available new copper supply.

For investors looking for a potentially higher risk/higher reward copper play it is hard to go past Kodiak Copper. Management is top tier with a track record of success. Kodiak has enormous potential as they continue to explore both their copper-gold porphyry MPD Property as well as their two other promising projects (The Mohave Copper-Molybdenum-Silver Porphyry Project in Arizona USA and the Kahuna Diamond Project in Canada).

On a market cap of just C$59M for 3 quality exploration projects in safe locations, investors would be wise to take a look again at Kodiak Copper Corp..