Peekaboo Beans’ Traci Costa on building a long-term high-quality brand for children

“Great brands take time to build. They don’t happen overnight. My mission with Peekaboo Beans has always been about creating a long-term high-quality valuable brand for children. We have gone through a lot of change and that is because of the retail environment. Now we are at a place where we are happy in this environment and the distribution model we have now. We have a fantastic brand, powerful mission, incredible product, 38% customer returning rate. Our numbers are off the chart right now as far as our growth and website visitors are concerned. Growth in the US is up 5% over last year. All of our metrics are pointing in the right direction. We are finally excited to launch our subscription box which is a transmedia augmented reality subscription box that is a storybook adventure. We are thrilled to be launching that next month…” States Traci Costa, President and CEO of Peekaboo Beans Inc. (CSE: BEAN), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky.

Traci went on to say that Peekaboo Beans just reported record quarterly sales in Q1 F2020, an increase of 229% from Q4 2019 and an increase of 21% over the same period last year. Traci also provided an update on Peekaboo Beans’ vintage buyback program. Most of the textile wastes end up in landfills. She said that Peekaboo Beans creates high-quality products that are designed to last and the company will buy back its products and resell them to keep it out of the landfills.

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Children’s fashion company Peekaboo Beans achieves record sales, up 229% from Q4 2019

Peekaboo Beans Inc. (CSE: BEAN) recently announced its Q4 FY2020 sales result which included a 21% increase over the same period last year, and an increase of 229% from Q4 2019.

Peekaboo Beans offer an online shopping experience in clothing fashion, for both toddlers and children. Peekaboo is focused on environmentally responsible clothes that are intentionally designed to inspire play.

Peekaboo Beans has a new digital marketing campaign that is driving website page views and sales

The key to any business is getting customers to view your products. In this case, Peekaboo Beans may have just found the magic recipe. Take a look at some recent stats below:

  • had 105,885 visitors in Q4, showing an increase of 84% over Q4 2019
  • Total orders of 6,746 were up 36% over Q4 F2019.
  • Returning customer rate was 38%. This is higher than the average returning customer rate of 20-25% industry bench
  • The Company had 125% growth in first time customers; accounting for 2083 new customers for the quarter up from 925.

Record website traffic drives record sales

As a result of the outstanding increase in website traffic, orders increased, and so did sales. Record sales mean record revenues.

CEO Traci Costa stated:

“We are excited about the steady growth in sales, which we believe is driven, in part, by our recent investment in digital ad spend……We are seeing a return of 10:1 on our ad spend, which is far greater than the industry average of 4:1. After trying various sales models in the past, we believe we have finally found the optimal model to drive sales and take our unique children’s clothing brand to the next level.”

Peekaboo’s omni-channel approach to reaching customers is working

Peekaboo Beans is embracing the new online sales economy. This means creating an omni-channel strategy where ‘all bases are covered’ to interact with customers seamlessly and in a connected way.

Examples include having bricks and mortar store, a website, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, other affiliate sites, using social influencers, and so on. Customers can interact with Peekaboo easily no matter which medium they choose. Also by having multiple touchpoints, Peekaboo is able to reach more potential customers. This also helps build the brand name and website traffic, and ultimately more sales.

Returning business leads to recurring revenues

Peekaboo’s returning business of 38% is a sign that customers are coming back. Naturally even higher numbers would be better, but given the intense competition of online retail, Peekaboo is performing above the average 20-25% benchmark.

Peekaboo’s US expansion has the potential to substantially grow revenues

Sales from the United States were up 5% for the first quarter. In comparison, in 2018 1.3% of total orders were in USD and in 2019 1.45 % of total orders were in USD. As the word spreads in the US the potential is enormous for Peekaboo to grow sales in such a huge market.

Insiders are buying shares in Peekaboo

On January 21 it was reported that “Peekaboo Beans insiders increase equity position in the Company by acquiring 769,000 common shares on the open market at an average price of 0.04 per share.

Insider buying is always a good sign. Insiders owning a reasonable percentage equity stake in the Company is also favorable. For Peekaboo beans CEO Traci Costa owns about 4% of the Company and Darrell Kopke owns about 3%.

Peekaboo clothes are all about play, passion, and possibilities for children to feel good

Closing remarks

Niche retail businesses are not easy to create; however, once they get a certain amount of momentum and brand recognition they can be very profitable. There are so many examples of these including: Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Lululemon to name just a few. Peekaboo Beans is still in the early stages but if the recent impressive growth rates (helped by their omni-channel marketing) can continue then we will be hearing a lot more about Peekaboo in the future.

Peekaboo Beans’ Traci Costa on ‘exceptional’ kid clothing that keeps customers coming back

“Our mission at Peekaboo Beans is what people attach themselves to. What mothers, what parents attach themselves to is this mission about getting kids back to basics, getting them out playing through a unstructured environment where they learn and grow and develop. That’s why we have developed such a strong culture and such a strong consumer base. We have a 60% returning customer rate. At the end of the day, we have an exceptional product (kid clothing) that allows children to feel good, to not be distracted, to empower them to be independent. We have a great product and our culture and our community and our mission is what keeps people coming back.” States Traci Costa, President and CEO of Peekaboo Beans Inc. (CSE: BEAN), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky.

Traci went on to say that Peekaboo Beans has increased its digital marketing spend and the company is seeing great returns on its ad spend. Peekaboo Beans had a 40% growth in the first two months of the first quarter and is continuing to see improvement in gross margin. Traci said that website visitors for Peekaboo Beans has doubled. Traci was recently selected to participate in the year-long Canaccord Genuity Advisory Program for Women Entrepreneurs. Peekaboo Beans continues to drive female empowerment through both the Company’s corporate structure and retail business model.

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Disclaimer: Peekaboo Beans Inc. is an advertorial member of InvestorIntel Corp.

Children’s wear Peekaboo Beans June 2019 revenue increased by 300% YoY

The global children’s wear market was worth approximately US$203 billion in 2017 and it is forecast to reach US$339 billion by 2024. The children’s wear market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.1% from 2019 to 2024. With 26% of the population being under 15 years old the market is huge. Children’s wear companies that can stand out from the crowd with great products and marketing are growing even faster.

Peekaboo Beans Inc. (CSE: BEAN | OTCQB: PBBSF) is a growing Canadian company working in the children’s apparel industry. The Company was started as a grassroots company 10 years ago in Richmond British Columbia and now has a staff of 20 with about 1,200 independent sales representatives.

Peekaboo’s values and products

The concept was born from a personal and practical idea by founder and CEO Traci Costa who sought a better way to dress her daughter in ultra comfortable, durable, stylish and most importantly, made for ‘playful living’ clothes. Traci’s desire to create a better alternative to children’s wear that was more functional for children drove her to create her first collection. With this goal in mind, Peekaboo designs children’s clothing intentionally crafted to inspire independence and confidence while providing comfort for every occasion.

Founder and CEO Traci Costa states: “It’s not just about the clothes, it’s about play, passion, and possibility. It’s about product with a purpose.”

Rather than using a ‘fast fashion’ approach which focuses on minimal design and high volume manufacturing of inexpensive clothing (cheap & low quality), Peekaboo focuses on unique and practical design using ethical manufacturing.

The name Peekaboo Beans was inspired by a game founder Traci played with her first daughter and their favorite snack, edamame. Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s children can be seen wearing Peekaboo Beans fashion.

Growing brand loyalty, marketing, and online presence

Peekaboo is lowering operational costs and is now reaching a greater target audience as their brand name and brand loyalty continues to grow. The Company is transitioning to an omni-channel marketing and business model that will give the push needed to ramp up marketing spend and enhance brand positioning through various campaigns. Peekaboo Beans approach to online shopping is providing a stress free and flexible environment that children can participate in hosted from the comfort of home.

June revenue up ~300% YoY

The Company has just had a very successful sales month of June 2019. The summer sales for June resulted in $160,000 in revenue across Peekaboo’s various distribution channels, that’s a ~300% increase on the June 2018 revenue of $41,000.

Traci Costa, CEO and President of Peekaboo Beans, commented: “We are very excited with our June revenue results and are eager to see how we can continue to beat our expectations moving forward.”

Q1 2019 expenses down

The Company’s Q1 2019 expenses have been reduced from $1.1 m to $570,000 and commission costs lowered to 9% from 28% on average.

Peekaboo Beans Inc. is a children’s apparel brand with a focus on environmentally responsible clothes that are intentionally designed to inspire play. Based in Richmond British Columbia, Canada; Peekaboo has a market cap of C$ 2.5 million.