Rewards abound with an app that provides a Loyalty Love-In for the investment market.

My computer screen saver has a “Join Microsoft Rewards” program that promises me value. Win points, secure rewards, it’s a win-win. But this loyalty love-in game is a hard one to win, unless of course, you have the team, the technology, and are proving that you can build an online community with trust?

Who does this in today’s day and age when many of us have quit visiting sites that require username and passwords, understanding the algorithms of data collection and associated artificial intelligence may or may not be our friend? Global Cannabis Applications Corp.’s (“GCAC”) (CSE: APP | OTCQB: FUAPF) Brad Moore has identified this formula by doing what no other reward program does through the Citizen Green Community, and will pay us like no other for our data.

The investor I had breakfast with this morning said to me: “You know Tracy, everyone is an investor nowadays — they want to buy stock on Friday and sell it on Monday.”

Not a licensed investment advisor, so this is not a buy recommendation, but having been in the public markets since 2001, I, like many in our audience, am a self-directed investor and want to see my money grow. So count me in, as 1 of the 650,000 members and climbing of Citizen Green.

Over the years we have seen many companies whose share price seems undervalued. And to make this column more interesting, I decided to go on record with my interest in GCAC and buy CAD$2500 worth of Global Cannabis Applications’ CSE: APP. The plan? Hold it for 12-weeks, and let you know what I sell it for. Let me be clearer. Today, I bought 15,000 shares of $APP.C at CAD$0.165 for a total of $2475 which I will sell on February 14, 2019.

So why Global Cannabis Applications Corp. or GCAC as many refer to it?

For me, I always have my interest engaged by the leadership and in this case, it was the CEO Brad Moore’s engaging and data building plan-of-action when he said in his last ii-interview with me: “We are basically building the smartest budtender in the world”.

“I like their Citizen Green platform because of the information.” Starts our Social Media Director Sharron Clayton. Then she goes on to add: “The database is very informative. Basically, it takes all the guess work out of how to select what medical cannabis is right for each patient.”

Is this why they use the trading symbol “APP”? I asked our production manager Sam Markham who has a real handle on the cannabis market on our team and to whom we regularly consult with. Not impressed with my witticism, he explained that GCAC’s platform creates a loyalty program that covers the industry and is not tied to a single location, giving customers the ability to still be part of the “community” without being tied to a single store, expanding GCAC’s reach.

If you think about it, when have we ever received loyalty points for buying prescriptions? Better yet, Sam in our team tells me we get points for providing follow-up reviews of the prescription. With incentive for community interaction through the reward of Citizen Green Coins or CGC’s, GCAC is collecting valuable information for the medical market and data towards helping in the management of every cannabis “pain to strain” issue and enhancing our life experience.

But consider? If the platform can do it right for the cannabis market, as Matt Bohlsen wrote a week ago become the “world’s first end-to-end – from patient to regulator – medical cannabis data solution” is there any reason this might not step over the cannabis medical wall and right into the lap of the global medical market? Now in this future hypothetical scenario, the $APP.C shareholder would be the “citizen in the green”…

On a final note, we reviewed some highlights on CSE: APP this morning that we thought we might share with you —

  1. History. Past price activity has shown acceptance by market to higher market cap (REF: Traded in 01/18 @.99 per share or 5x current mkt value)
  2. Trading. Trades on both CDN and US stock Exchanges (CSE: APP | OTCQB: FUAPF) for investor access
  3. Sponsorship. Good broker sponsorship (Trapeze Capital Corp EST 1999)
  4. Market Cap. Current Low market cap offers price opportunity with manageable share float. (Current Mkt Cap about $11.5 million/57.5 million shares outstanding.)
  5. Volume. Trades enough daily share volumes for long- and short-term investors. (Average daily volume 300k shares)

We also liked the overview on the Citizen Green Platform written by InvestorIntel’s Matt Bohlsen in a story titled The world’s first end to end, from seed to sale, patient to regulator, medical cannabis data solution is here

The Citizen Green platform is the world’s first end to end, from seed to sale, patient to regulator, medical cannabis data solution. It uses 6 core technologies: mobile applications, artificial intelligence, smart databases, blockchain and digital reward tokens; all designed to speed the process of quality shared data. The objective is to use advanced technology to create an online community portal. Every cannabis strain affects patients in a different way, and this is about sharing personal knowledge across a social media style platform to inform other members of personal experiences. By joining the Citizen Green community a medicinal user can now find more information on their particular condition through other users experiences and learn how best to treat it. Transactions and earnings will be in the form of “Citizen Green Token”, GCAC’s cryptocurrency. Citizen Green Tokens, which fuel the Citizen Green economy, are earned for contributing information, and experiences and can be used to receive discounts on purchases and access a full range of related services. There is even a Citizen Green phone app, which as of Q2 2018 already had 650,000 users. GCAC plans to more than double the number of users by Q2 2019 to reach 1.4m global users.

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