Brazilian Gold on Location and Gold Resource Advantage

“Brazilian Gold Corporation now has 2 million ounces under compliant resources… and the target I give myself is 5 million ounces, which I think is a practical to achieve in the next 24 months” states Ian Stalker, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Brazilian Gold Corporation (TSXV: BGC). In this interview, Tracy Weslosky Publisher of ProEdgeWire ( discusses with Ian the potential for investors working with a company whose projects are primarily in Brazil; a country that has a secure business landscape, is one of the largest gold producers’ worldwide, and a country expected to see tremendous growth in the coming years. Ian further discusses his recent milestones, including the results released on their Batistao Project in Northern Brazil and their Sao Jorge Gold Project, which has 1.2 million ounces as a standalone project. Coupled with the portfolio of projects under Brazilian Gold Corporation, with the economic potential of Brazil, Brazil Gold Corporations is set to become a leading advanced exploration play in 2013.

Disclaimer: Brazilian Gold is a ProEdgeWire member.