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MDSAP certified MedX Health is set to go in Brazil with regulatory approval achieved for their skin cancer diagnosis products

MedX Health Corp. (TSXV: MDX), a leading medical device and software company focused on early detection of skin cancer, is […]

Cancana Resources – Ramping Up Manganese Mining in Brazil

It seems like a good time to discuss Cancana Resources Corp. (TSXV:CNY) in lieu of their news release yesterday on […]

Cancana Resources – Production Trumps Inaction

When we have written about Manganese in the past it has been in the context of steel alloys or of […]

Largo Hitting the Vanadium High Notes

The ramp-up of production by Largo Resources (TSXV: LGO) at its Maracas Menchen mine located in Bahia state in Brazil […]

DNI Metals and Cancana Resources – Sharing a Revenue Goal in Brazil

#6 and #25 aren’t that different, at least from a mining perspective. From the periodic table, six is carbon (here, […]

Potash is the new safe haven sector to hedge against market volatility

Panic descended on the markets last week. The selloff on Wall Street and other major exchanges was not especially dramatic, […]