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China pondering retaliation to recent US and WTO moves

Great Britain and France had the largest empires in the world, dominating the world economy in the 19th century thanks […]

Excessive pollution challenges the entire Chinese industrial system to reform

Air purifiers and protective masks against pollution might just be China’s biggest selling consumer items these days. It has become […]

Kingsnorth believes Rare Earth Element demand and prices to increase

Dudley Kingsnorth, a professor at the Centre for Research in Energy and Minerals Economics appointed at Curtin University in Perth, […]

China’s Pollution Problem points to Growing Demand for Rare Earths

Chinese authorities have not been able to reduce pollution in Beijing, which has reached record levels. The government has intervened […]

Baotou Steel Rare-earth 2012 announces Preliminary Results

Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare-Earth (Group) High-tech Co. (IMBREHT), China’s leading rare earth producer, announced its preliminary results on Tuesday. […]

2012 China’s actual Rare Earths exports: Only 53% of Quota

Despite a stated export quota of 30,996 metric tons, China’s actual exports of rare earths in 2012 were only 16,266 […]

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