Alt 5 Sigma’s Taras Kulyk on making trading with cryptocurrencies safe and secure

“We are a digital asset (cryptocurrency) management platform. We are a way for existing players to have a safe way for their clients to gain exposure. Everything is tracked. There are no AML or KYC issues with our clients. We know who they are, we know their use of proceeds. We are essentially trying to be aboveboard on compliance and transparency…We are revenue positive and are looking to ramp up with the raise we are doing.” States Taras Kulyk, President and Chief Operating Officer of Alt 5 Sigma, Inc., in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky.

Taras went on to discuss that Alt 5 Sigma has partnered with top tier professional players in cryptocurrency management space to provide its clients a safe and secure environment to trade cryptocurrencies. Taras further added that Alt 5 Sigma is fully insured and is fully compliant in Canada. The company is working on the U.S. compliance ecosystem.

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The technology force preparing Wall Street for bringing cryptocurrency to Main Street

Investors are now actively seeking to access and invest in the digital asset market (such as the cryptocurrencies). The unfortunate part is most broker dealers, family offices, and asset managers don’t have the tools to facilitate digital asset management services for their clients.

The U.S. securities brokering market is estimated to be valued at US$ 145.4 billion. In 2017 the US Cryptocurrency trading market reached US$ 6.4 billion and it’s estimated by 2020 the same market will reach as high as US$ 10.4 billion. The professional broker/dealer sub-market for digital assets is estimated to be a US$ 213 million market as of 2020.

The US Cryptocurrency trading market is set to grow from US$ 6.4 billion (2017) to US$ 10.4 billion by 2020

Alt 5 Sigma, Inc. (private) is a digital assets trading, exchange, and custodian services platform focused on providing digital asset management services to institutional investors seeking exposure to the digital asset ecosystem. Alt 5 Sigma’s platform is built on the foundation of Security, Accessibility, Compliance, and Transparency.

Alt 5 Sigma’s platform offers FINRA and SEC registered broker dealers the ability to provide cryptocurrency trading to their clients. By utilizing best practices in cybersecurity, cold storage, insurance coverage, compliance, and audited account reporting, they can provide related back-office services to safeguard cryptocurrencies. This makes the Alt 5 Sigma platform a financial institution-grade solution.

Cryptocurrency transaction with Alt 5 Sigma trading platform

Alt 5 Sigma bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and the overwhelming majority of U.S. investors who are unfamiliar with them, or not interested in using exchanges on their own. The Alt 5 Sigma platform is bolstered by state of the art cold storage services through recognized third parties in providing a platform safe from fraud that relies on the same proven communication standards as those used by traditional securities exchanges.

A summary of the Alt 5 Sigma digital asset trading platform offering

Alt 5 Sigma’s business model

Alt 5 Sigma’s revenue generating model is based on making a small percentage fee on every transaction. Alt 5 Sigma incentivizes their institutional broker/dealer clients with a cash rebate per transaction on the amount invested via the cryptocurrency trading platform (50% of transaction fee).

Meet some of the key Alt 5 Sigma management

Alt 5 was founded by financial industry specialists who understand the institutional needs for simple, safe, and efficient platforms to help manage their client’s portfolios. The team includes:

  • André Beauchesne – Chairman and CEO. Andre is a serial entrepreneur with 35 years experience in management.
  • Taras Kulyk – President & Chief Operating Officer. Taras is an experienced technology executive with a background in FinTech, blockchain/DLT, digital mining and financial advisory (M&A, capital raising/structuring).
  • Corey Szames – Chief Technology Officer. Corey is an experienced information technology manager with over 20 years of experience in software development. He is also a full stack developer focusing on blockchain development, artificial intelligence and big data modeling.

In conclusion, Alt 5 Sigma offers a drop-in solution/platform that lets SEC and FINRA registered broker-dealers seamlessly offer their customers access to cryptocurrency trading and investing. Or put simply, Alt 5 Sigma is ‘helping Wall Street deliver cryptocurrency to Main Street’. Alt 5 Sigma is currently not yet listed but intends to IPO soon offering ~25% of the Company for US$10 million.

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