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They’re back — The Rare Earths Sequel Returns with a Vengeance.

A tidal wave of performance in today’s rare earths market reminded me of the release of JAWS in 1975 — […]

Alkane Resources final planning before full commercial rare earth mine

The supply of rare-earth metals (REEs) has long been dominated by China, with over 90% of the world’s REEs originating […]

China still distorting the rare earth market

It has been a few years since China set its sights on clamping down on illegal mining and exporting of […]

In the rare earths business, a little gold can come in handy — as, no doubt, Alkane has found out

There’s nothing like a little diversification, especially if times are tough — which, in the rare earths business, they are […]

Niobium – In the Grip of the Brazilians

Niobium (Nb) is another metal that is scarcely the word on everyone’s lips as the main listed exposure to it […]