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Star Navigation Systems technology can be installed now while planes are grounded due to coronavirus

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Did you know that at any given time 200-300 planes can be off the grid when flying and no-one knows where they are? In other cases, crashes could have been avoided if a proper global data service was monitoring the aircraft. In the year 2020 customers are right to ask, why are our aircraft data tracking systems not adequate and still risking lives?

MH370 disappears without a trace, never to be found

You may have heard of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 which disappeared in March 2014. MH370 was never found after an exhaustive search that became the most expensive search in aviation history costing at least US$250 million. The 239 people on board are presumed to be dead. Actually there have been hundreds of missing planes, as documented here.

In 2014 a massive search for flight MH370 was launched in the Indian Ocean of Western Australia costing at least US$250 million with no success due to poor aircraft tracking systems


Air France 447 crashes due to faulty speed sensors stalling the plane

Air France Flight 447 crashed in June 2009 due to speed sensors that gave an invalid reading, causing the aircraft to stall in flight. Had the plane been connected to a live flight tracking data service then the crash would possibly have been prevented.

The tragedy of Air France Flight AF 447


Current aircraft tracking and monitoring systems are flawed

The MH370 and AF447 disasters have taught the world that the current aircraft tracking and monitoring systems are flawed and there is a strong need for an improved system. Until now that has not happened, but one Canadian company may just change that.

Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd.

Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. (CSE: SNA) provides aerospace and transportation solutions, including hardware and software platforms that assist aviation and other transport-related operators. The Company offers the STAR Airborne Data Service (STAR-ADS) which includes the STAR In-Flight Safety Monitoring System (STAR-ISMS).

STAR-ADS includes flight operations, maintenance, and intelligent fleet management systems. It also includes flight safety (STAR-ISMS) which covers in-flight data monitoring, diagnostics and data analysis with real-time secure connections between aircraft and ground, using real-time satellite transmission.

Star Navigation Systems sells the STAR Airborne Data Service (STAR-ADS) which includes the In-Flight Safety Monitoring System

Star’s data system is Transport Canada (TC) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified and is suitable for most air, sea and ground-based fleets.

The Star Airborne Data Service (ADS) reports back real-time data from an aircraft via a satellite then back to an earth base data center

InvestorIntel CEO Tracy Weslosky states:

“The Star Navigation ‘Mayday’ technology is the Rolls Royce of data – so while all of these planes are grounded, let’s get them suited up with proper technology.”

Star Navigation Systems are also suitable for land-based organizations such as the military and First Responders

Star Navigation Systems’ technology also works for land-based vehicles where fast reliable data transfer is critical. This is important for military combat vehicles, especially when behind enemy lines. Also for First Responders such as ambulances who need to have great communication with the hospital so that they can give optimal treatment on the ambulance.

Star Navigation Systems CEO Peter Clausi explains:

“The first responder in the vehicle can transmit more information to the hospital than with other systems. This allows for rapid treatment by a medical professional and not only by the less-trained first responder. It also relieves burdens on hospitals, emergency rooms and clinics. In effect, the vehicle allows for the outsourcing of medical care into the field. Decisions can be made as to who requires hospital care and who can simply go home………In these strange days of COVID-19, relieving the burden on the medical system is a high priority item for governments and the military around the world. Star can do that.”

Closing remarks

Clearly the aviation and the shipping industry need to urgently adopt a better global tracking and data system. With many planes and cruise ships currently sidelined due to the coronavirus, it would seem a perfect time to update their tracking and monitoring systems. The costs are very small compared to the costs of just a single crash or lost plane or ship.

Other industries where real time data flow is critical can also benefit from Star Navigation Systems innovative products. These include the military and first responders and just about all air, sea, and land-based fleets. Finally, apart from safety, the data service system can benefit areas such as fleet management, maintenance, and other monitoring services. Real-time live data flow to all locations is the key.

With a market cap of just C$3.6 million investors should definitely have Star Navigation on their radar.

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