Profiting from a reward system to play at home, Advertisers win through Versus Systems

We all know that the online industries are having unprecedented popularity, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has left people with more spare time to play games, engage in Esports and stream videos. Well one company is profiting from this via their in-app advertising that rewards consumers. The fun part here is by rewarding users to view the ads both the consumers and the advertisers are winners.

Versus Systems Inc. (CSE: VS | OTCQB: VRSSF) is a company that provides in-game prizing and promotions (essentially rewards). The Company’s proprietary in-game rewards engine engages the online gaming community through rewards, which benefits users, developers and brands. And it’s not just video games; the in-app tool also works on streaming services and any interactive media, anywhere in the world.

Just think about it for a minute. Most people never click on regular ads while doing an activity. Why? Because there is no reward. But what if you could get a 10% discount voucher for McDonald’s or a 20% discount on a new gaming console? Suddenly consumers are interested to engage because there is a reward for them to do so. The advertiser also gets rewarded by the engagement and hopefully a visit soon from the consumer to redeem the reward. A win-win for both parties. This is the brilliance of Versus Systems’ in-app advertising platform.

Versus Systems – An in-app platform that encourages users to engage by giving rewards

Source: Versus Systems company presentation

Versus Systems is expanding globally with key partner HP

After a successful launch of their OMEN series computers in 2019, HP is expanding their rewards program, powered by Versus. Versus will also be adding streaming video as a vertical through Kast, a mobile game developer in Animoca, and growing the HP relationship.

Starting this summer of 2020, Versus’ in-app advertising tool will come pre-installed in OMEN and Pavilion Gaming desktops, gaining exposure to tens of millions of machines worldwide. Additionally, HP and Versus will be developing a version of OMEN Rewards to be launched in China this summer. Asia Pacific is home to a $72 billion gaming market according to Newzoo’s 2019 Global Gaming Report.

Versus Systems says that their “current price of US$0.50 Cost Per Engagement (CPE) is less than Facebook average Cost Per Click (CPC) but with much higher engagement and purchase intent.”

Versus Systems has proven it to be successful with 36% of rewards winners going into physical locations to redeem rewards. Advertisers achieved a 3.5x return on ad spend. That is way better results than leading advertising companies such as Facebook and Google.

Versus Systems’ in-app advertising is cheaper than Facebook click

Source: Versus Systems company presentation

Closing remarks

Versus Systems is making all the right moves using their brilliant in-app advertising tool to reward and engage users and win advertisers, especially in the enormous gaming and streaming communities. A simple cost per engagement revenue model follows the Software as a Service model, which we all know once scaled leads to very high margins and profits.

Versus Systems Inc. is growing fast and about to burst onto the global scene. Risk is there due to the early stage, but the potential upside is really exciting. At the current market cap of just C$37 million investors better not wait too long as this can really move up fast if it takes off.

Brendon Grunewald on Moovly’s Google integration with G Suite

“We have certainly seen growth as people work and learn from home and that has increased our user base and our subscription base as well. Increasingly we are seeing large corporations that froze their budgets at the start of corona are now looking to come back and still need to produce a lot of content. They need to get their economies and their companies back onto level, but they have restricted budgets and abilities. So, with the tools like ourselves they don’t have to restrict the amount of content they create. They can produce even more content on a lower budget and hence achieve their stretched goals will less means.” States Brendon Grunewald, President, CEO and Director of Moovly Media Inc. (TSXV: MVY), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky.

Brendon went on to provide an update on Moovly’s Google integration with G Suite, which now allows for Moovly-created content to be uploaded both seamlessly and faster. He said that users can now move contents from Google Drive directly to Moovly and after they have edited the video they can publish the content on YouTube with the single click of a button. Brendon continued, “We pride ourselves in building what we believe to be the best product and that is obviously being validated by a number of customers out there.”

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Disclaimer: Moovly Media Inc. is an advertorial member of InvestorIntel Corp.

Chris Bursey on being an end-to-end IoT solutions enabler and the compelling valuation of DCS

“We did $16 million last year in revenue. We are on track to ship some of that revenue into more recurring revenue stream at higher margins. We are undervalued…” starts Chris Bursey, CEO and Founder of Direct Communication Solutions, Inc. (CSE: DCSI | OTCQB: DCSX) (DCS), in an interview with InvestorIntel’s Tracy Weslosky.

Chris went on to say that DCS is focusing on being a solutions enabler. DCS builds solutions for companies that allow them to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT). MiSensors is a part of the overall solution. He added, “If you look at the market today, it is one sensor function per sensor. We have combined eight sensor functions into one sensor. It is going to allow us to be disruptive in the market. It is an open architecture that we have built in the backend. You will be able to inject other sensors and other technologies as well.”

Chris also spoke on DCS’ Brewsee platform which is a beer life cycle monitor and control system. He said that the average loss in a keg of draft beer is roughly 20% across the industry. He continued, “We have designed a solution that will monitor the temperature, the flow, the CO2 pressure, foam over beer and shutoff valves. The bar and restaurant owners can take that data and see how many ounces of beer were poured versus how many are actually sold.”

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Disclaimer: Direct Communication Solutions, Inc. is an advertorial member of InvestorIntel Corp.

Apparel Retailer PK Beans reports ‘substantial margin improvement’ in their bottom-line, so what’s new with Peekaboo?

COVID-19 has meant that retailers need to be agile and adapt their product ranges to meet the community’s needs. For example producing personal protective clothing such as face masks, or focusing on online sales and services, rather than bricks and mortar stores. Those companies that have proven to be adaptable have seen some superb stock price increases resulting from boosted sales. The following company is moving in the same direction with some early signs of success.

Peekaboo Beans Inc. (CSE: BEAN) (now re-branded as ‘PK Beans’) offers ‘online shopping’ in clothing fashion, for both toddlers and children. Peekaboo is focused on environmentally responsible clothes that are intentionally designed to inspire play.

The Company engages sellers through social platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, as well as online retailers, to maximize revenue and build brand loyalty. They also sell directly from their own website

Despite COVID-19 and the temporary closure of PK Beans flagship store (re-opened on June 2), the Company is performing well with online sales. In April, the Company reported March 2020 sales stating: “Monthly sales increase of 47% year over year, and continue to see consistent, strong and positive return on digital ad spend.”

In May the Company reported:A 21% increase in sales for April 2020 (over April 2019), online visitors were up 66% from 2019 for April and 32% of sales attributed to first time customers.” Also in May we learned that the PKB Explorers’ Club (the Company’s monthly subscription interactive adventure series, launched in March) has grown quickly to reach 107 subscribers. PK Beans also designed and produced over 2,000 comfortable and reusable masks for children that sold out instantaneously.

InvestorIntel’s Senior Editor, Peter Clausi, states regarding the PKB Explorers’ Club: “My grandson is 3 and 1/2. He loves the play box. Both the box itself and the contents have kept him fascinated for hours. Excellent work!!!”

The Peekaboo Beans (PKB) Explorers Club is a subscription service for parents & kids to enjoy together


In early June PK Beans successfully launched the PK Beans Summer 2020 Collection. By June 17 the Company announced that they had already sold 10% of their inventory and have increased their page views 65% and their new users by 58% year-over-year. PK Bean’s Summer 2020 Collection, which included children’s sleepwear, has so far resulted in a 23% increase in average margins for the Company.

Traci Costa, Founder, President and CEO of PK Beans commented:

“PK Beans Summer 2020 Collection highlight the strength of the Company during the challenges brought to all of us with COVID-19. Starting with a substantial margin improvement in our bottom-line, and on behalf of the PK Bean’s team, I would like to thank all our returning customers! With an unprecedented 75% returning customer rate, and with a 61% increase in average orders from $90 to $145, as always, our success is by providing high quality clothing that enhances our children’s life experience.”

In addition to the PK Bean’s Summer 2020 Collection, the Company recently consolidated office and warehouse space to one location, resulting in savings of approximately $100k for the Company annually.

PK Beans has even started selling face masks to help the fight against COVID-19


Closing remarks

PK Beans continues to reinvent itself as it expands its offerings and grows its customer base. Just this past 6 months the Company has rebranded from Peekaboo Beans to PK beans, expanded their product line to include face masks and the 2020 Summer Collection including children’s sleepwear. Added to this was the introduction of services, such as the PKB Explorers’ Club.

As a result PK Beans has been attracting significantly more new customers, has had a large boost in repeat customers, and has improved margins. All of these are steps in the right direction and should start to lead to growing revenues ahead.

Scaling up graphene production to meet forecast demand, ZEN Graphene shares double since April

In recent years we have heard that graphene can be the next super material due to its immense strength and electrical conduction properties. The next step is for large scale, low cost, graphene production to occur so as to supply the market demand. It looks like graphene’s time has now come.

A 2019 Canaccord UK research report estimated worldwide graphene sales were likely to take off over the next few years reaching US$4.8 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 45%. That is a huge forecast demand increase, effectively forecasting in the next 2 years graphene demand will double, then double again, and so on.

Graphene – Properties, Facts, and Applications


One company is currently scaling up their graphene production from their new facility in Canada to meet what should be extremely strong demand this decade. That company is ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. (TSXV: ZEN) (“ZEN”).

ZEN is an emerging graphene technology solutions company with a focus on the development of graphene-based nanomaterial products and applications. ZEN sources its graphite to make graphene from its ‘unique’ Albany Graphite Project. I say unique because independent labs in Japan, UK, Israel, USA and Canada have independently demonstrated that ZEN’s Albany PureTM Graphite is an ideal precursor material which easily converts (exfoliates) to graphene using a variety of methods.

Some of the numerous applications for ZEN’s graphene include:

  • Aerospace and aircraft – Graphene coatings that can greatly improve corrosion resistance, reduce friction and can be hydrophobic reducing ice formation. Graphene composites also help to increase strength and flexibility while potentially reducing overall weight.
  • Fuel Additive – Graphene oxide in diesel/jet fuel improves fuel economy and reduces greenhouse emissions.
  • Electromagnetic shielding and electrostatic dissipation.
  • Desalinization membranes and low-energy dehumidification.
  • Heavy metal scavenging –Graphene quantum dot/nanocellulose membranes are a recyclable material capable of removing industrial contamination.
  • Photovoltaics, displays, biomedical applications using graphene quantum dots. Graphene based virucidal inks embedded in protective clothing to fight COVID-19 are another useful application right now.
  • Material enhancement using graphene. Graphene is also useful to boost tires strength and performance as well as a concrete additive to boost performance. Graphene can also be used to strengthen clothing for military applications. Graphene also strengthens aluminum, rubber, plastics and other materials.
  • Hydrogen storage and production – Graphene is an ideal catalyst for water splitting (10x more efficient than platinum catalysts) and can store hydrogen in a solid state.
  • Advanced batteries –Anode energy densities are 1500mAh/g in graphene-enhanced aerogels and 840mAh/g with reduced graphene oxide. Graphene has greater conductivity and improves cold weather performance. Samsung is developing an advanced graphene phone battery.

ZEN Graphene Solutions Guelph, Ontario facility is scaling up graphene production in 2020

The Guelph graphene facility opened in March 2020 and is now scaling up graphene production to sell to the many potential buyers as discussed above.


In addition to ZEN’s Guelph facility ramping up production, ZEN announced in July 2020 a new partnership with Evercloak and NGen for a ‘Graphene in Cleantech Manufacturing Project’. The announcement states:

“The project entitled “Advancing Large-Scale Graphene and Thin-Film Membrane Manufacturing” will support the scale up of graphene oxide (GO) production by ZEN to supply GO to Evercloak for their scale up and optimizing activities.”

For ZEN this is another significant endorsement and step forward along the pathway of commercializing their graphene. Evercloak is commercializing a manufacturing platform for producing continuous, large-area, monolayers of exfoliated 2D nanomaterials, including graphene, graphene oxide, molybdenum disulfide, and carbon nanotubes. These films are increasingly used for a wide range of applications such as energy storage, smart packaging, electronic devices, corrosion inhibitors, and membranes. Evercloak’s initial focus is on manufacturing graphene-based membranes for dehumidification to significantly reduce the energy use and associated greenhouse gas related with building cooling.

ZEN’s CEO Francis Dubé commented: “ZEN is pleased to support Canadian graphene-based innovations and Evercloak is a wonderful example of what can be achieved with nanomaterials and Canadian entrepreneurship. NGen supports the accelerated development of high potential technologies such as our graphene collaboration. We look forward to helping Evercloak bring breakthrough technology to everyday life.”

Closing remarks

Success in the manufacturing sector is about collaboration with your supply chain. ZEN continues to win interest in their graphene products and continues to develop a supply chain, on this latest occasion with Evercloak.

A recent C$2 million capital raise means ZEN has cash to accelerate their near term expansion activities, which will include funds for the Albany Graphite Project, further graphene research, graphene production scale up, COVID-19 initiatives, and other graphene applications development. Also the recent engagement of Hybrid Financial to help market ZEN should boost the number of eyes on the stock.

Combine the above with continuing commercial success selling graphene products and 2020 should see a successful year for ZEN. Late 2020 and 2021 should start to see revenues coming in and a lot more interest in both graphene and ZEN Graphene Solutions. Despite the stock price more than doubling since April 2020, the stock still looks reasonably priced trading on a market cap of C$57 million.

Surge in electric vehicle sales, has investors eyeing Exro Technologies

With the electric vehicle (EV) boom picking up pace recently investors are looking at EV related stocks that can benefit from the forecast surge in electric vehicle sales. Below I discuss a unique EV technology company that may well be at the center of the boom.

BloombergNEF 2020 forecast for annual electric vehicle sales give investors an idea of the tsunami that is on the way. BNEF forecasts annual electric car sales to rise from 2.2 million in 2019 (2.5% market share) to ~9 million by 2025 (10% share), 24 million by 2030 (28% share), and to a massive 54 million by 2040 (58% share). Added to this will be hundreds of millions of combined sales when including e-bikes, e-buses, e-semis, e-boats, e-trains, and some e-planes. The opportunity is enormous as shown in the chart below.

Global electric-car revolution set to take off – BNEF forecast


Exro Technologies Inc. (CSE: XRO | OTCQB: EXROF) is a software design technology and smart energy company that creates an electric program module that uses Artificial Intelligence to make electric motors function better. The module integrates into the power electronics adjusting the output of the electric motor when needed, just like gears in a conventional car.

Exro’s patented technology allows for multiple power settings in a single motor. This helps maximize the motors performance in terms of output and efficiency, thereby boosting a motors output and thereby performance and range. The technology enables 2 separate torque profiles within a single motor, hence the comparison with ‘gears’ on a conventional car. All this is done using a software module.

Exro’s coil driver technology – ‘Software with hardware solutions’

Following a string of new partnerships across a range of  different types of EVs over the past 2 years, Exro has recently succeeded again with a partnership to enhance electric powertrain technology for heavy-duty trucks and delivery vehicles. The partnership is with Australia’s SEA Electric Pty Ltd. SEA Electric is recognized as a global leader in the electrification of commercial vehicles.

The news release states: “SEA Electric products are now deployed in 5 countries, with collectively more than 1.6 million kms (1 million miles) of independently OEM tested and in-service operation, making it widely recognised as the market leader in the electrification of commercial vehicles.”

Prior to this latest success, Exro has also achieved the following partnerships:

  • Electric motorcycles and bikes – In June 2020 Exro announced a collaboration agreement (the “Agreement”) with Zero Motorcycles (“Zero”) to evaluate Exro’s patented coil drive technology using Zero’s SR/S powertrain platform. Zero are a big name in electric motorbikes. Last year in December, Exro partnered with Motorino Electric. Exro’s engineered technology provided a torque and acceleration increase of 25% for the Motorino e-bike.
  • Electric boats – Exro has a pilot project running with Templar Marine’s water taxis. The marine sector is a multi-billion dollar industry that can stand to benefit enormously from Exro’s technology as they increasingly switch across to electric motors for a cleaner environment.
  • Electric snow mobiles – Exro has partnered with Aurora Powertrains to improve the Aurora’s e-sled all-electric snowmobile.
  • Electric motors/generators – Exro has contracts with Potencia Industrial who design and manufacture special application, high efficiency, electrical motors and generators. One of their projects involves converting internal combustion engines in Mexico City’s taxis to electric motors, as part of a city initiative to green the city’s 250,000 taxi fleet. Exro jointly works to integrate its hardware and software technology into Potencia’s motor drives.
  • Electric farm equipment – On April 28, 2020, Exro announced it has signed a collaboration and supply agreement with Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. (TSXV: CSX) to integrate Exro’s technology into Clean Seed’s high-tech agricultural seeder and planter platforms, advancing the electrification of the world’s heavy-farm equipment.

Exro Technologies growing list of partners

Source: Exro Technologies Company presentation

Exro states: “Exro is set to close on 8 strategic partnerships and licencing agreements in 2020 that will position it for high volume manufacturing in the future. Currently, Exro has capacity for a low volume of manufacturing projects…..The Company’s commercialization and licensing strategy is centered around its Partner Development Phase, which incorporates partnerships with leading innovative motor companies in the industry.”

Exro recently raised C$8 million of new capital at C$0.70 per share (plus a warrant exercisable at C$0.90). The capital will be used for further research and development of the Company’s coil switching technology for commercialization in the mobility segment including micro, light and commercial electric vehicle programs; marketing; capital investments and general working capital requirements.

Closing remarks

Exro Technologies has a tremendous opportunity ahead boosted by the impending EV boom led by Tesla. BNEF forecasts annual passenger electric sales to increase to 24 million by 2030, which would be a ~11 fold increase on 2019 sales. What’s even better for Exro is that they focus on improving the electric motor output and performance, so their technology is applicable across the entire range of EVs that will be coming.

Exro already has numerous agreements and contracts in place in electric motorcycles & bikes, electric boats, electric snow mobiles, electric motors/generators (being used for electric cars including e-taxis), electric farm equipment, and now electric heavy-duty trucks and delivery vehicles. As these partnerships mature, investors can reasonably expect Exro’s revenues to rapidly increase. Their soon to open Calgary Innovation Centre should also boost future partnerships and sales.

Exro is now fully funded following an C$8 million raise, so things can really speed up from here towards mass commercialization and revenues across all of the above sectors. Exro is still trading cheaply given their massive potential with a market cap of just C$74 million. Stay tuned to Exro Technologies Inc.

Moovly’s Google integration with G Suite another leap forward as users of Moovly Videos on YouTube increase ‘substantially’

I think we all have a Gmail account….or three. Google has been the undisputed industry leader in offering free email accounts and a leader in the creation of technology that we didn’t even know we wanted. Remember when Google Maps was introduced? I couldn’t walk around London without it. And Street View…how cool was that? Now look at all of the offerings, including the Android phone software you are probably reading this on. I count 66 products “For all” (although YouTube Kids is an epic fail for all the wrong reasons), 28 products “For business” and 13 developer products.

Add another one, or at least highlight its inclusion. As announced on July 16, 2020, Moovly Media Inc. (TSXV: MVY) has accelerated its Google integration with G Suite. According to the press release, this has resulted in significant adoption, resulting in tripling of user metrics from March to April 2020. A short time, but probably indicative as more people become aware of this technology. Moovly templates have recently been made available in Google Sheets, resulting in increased use of the Moovly range of products, so expect usage of Moovly to continue to grow.  With increasing awareness of the product’s capabilities and the potential for growing adoption of the technology, expect a corresponding market valuation increase.

Whether you are stuck at home and making videos of your last beach holiday for your social media accounts or your business/job has you working from home, this is another great leap forward. How does it work? Simply. Moovly has integrated an easy to use “Publish to YouTube” feature, which allows users to publish their videos on YouTube with the single click of a button. It’s seamless and effortless.

If you haven’t tried the Moovly video software, you should! It’s so simple, you need no software, just your internet browser. Need help? Yes, you can use your smartphone to record footage or take pictures to use in your video, but what if you want visuals you can’t make yourself – like fireworks, stars or wild animals? Or sounds and music? Moovly contains over 1.3 million media objects you can use for free! Moovly users can also push content directly from their Google Drive to Moovly.