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Award winning dynaCERT is saving the planet one diesel engine at a time

Winning awards as an innovation company has to be proof positive that you are doing something right. Canadian Company dynaCERT Inc. […]

Volkswagen Group Research joins Nano One to create a new generation of lithium ion batteries

The global nanotechnology sector is expected to top US$ 125 billion by 2024. Meanwhile, the lithium-ion battery cathode market is […]

Siyata Mobile’s Uniden UV350 is now approved for the First Responder Network

A ‘first responder’ is a person with specialized training who is among the first to arrive and provide assistance at […]

The Reality: China is Geared-up to Manufacture Your Electric Vehicle in China

Over the past 25 years China has been progressively moving downstream, such that it now dominates not only the production […]

Expert Alastair Neill on the impact of a U.S. rare earths ban

A lot has been discussed during the current trade war between China and the USA and the possible ban of […]

Corus gets in on the streaming platform market dream team

New media delivery is already here, providing consumers with much greater and diverse content than ever before. Online based delivery […]

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