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TRER a ‘multi-trick pony’ Deposit with 25 Minerals: 15 Rare Earths and 2 Energy Minerals

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TRER-ProEdgeWireFebruary 14, 2013 — John Tumazos, Chairman of the Board, Texas Rare Earth Resources Corp. (OTCQX: TRER) in an interview with Tracy Weslosky, Publisher of ProEdgeWire (ProEdgeWire.com) states: “We believe we are the richest beryllium deposit known” and adds “we think we have the best logistics in the world and the lowest mining costs per ton of any mine in North America of any type.”

Tumazos noted that TRER is a “multi-trick pony” deposit having 25 minerals, 15 of which rare earths and two energy minerals. TRER has the capability to recover 18 or 19 of these, which suggests that the property could “earn an economic return from the 15 rare earths alone or uranium and thorium alone”. TRER can also capitalize on its beryllium (298,000 ton historical resource estimate) and niobium resources. It should be an exciting 2013 for TRER

Disclaimer: Texas Rare Earth Resources Corp. is a member of ProEdgeWire.



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