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The “real” impact of Trump on Technology Metals: Ecclestone vs. Lifton

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In the 1st online debate on InvestorIntel, CEO Tracy Weslosky asks European Editor Christopher Ecclestone and Sr. Editor Jack Lifton what the “real” impact of Trump has been on the technology metals markets. Both Christopher and Jack bring up a wide range of topics from the increased interest in recycling to the advancement in technologies to “next big thing” that they will be debating at the upcoming Cleantech & Technology Metals Summit on May 15-16 in Toronto, Canada.

Asking Christopher, for instance – if he agrees with Jack that there is a change in the market to more of the technologies of the existing technologies metals and he responds with: “I would agree that the technologies are now front and center because frankly many of the old processing technologies were not working and they were making projects unviable. The best example of that is rare earths, where you have these phenomenal budgets to produce not really all that many rare earths. With some of these new technologies it’s going to be cheaper to produce them and you’ll be able to produce them outside China without considering labor and all these labor costs and things like that. It’s going to be much cheaper and since the technology is moving forward, digging up rare earths is not rocket science…”

Tracy Weslosky


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