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Frontier Rare Earths to keep the world in ‘Heavies’ for a Decade

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Frontier Rare Earths to keep the world in 'Heavies' for a DecadeMay 17, 2013 — James Kenny, President & CEO, Frontier Rare Earths Ltd. (‘Frontier’, TSX: FRO) in an interview with Dave Glover for ProEdgeWire (ProEdgeWire.com) describes the Zandkopsdrift rare earth deposit as unique among peers based on the scale of the deposit. James Kenny comments: “We have approximately 1 million tons of rare earths in our deposit. We can supply…the entire world for approximately 10 years.” He adds that, compared to most, “Frontier has a very large deposit and we have a very favorable distribution, so the breakdown of our grade is very attractive; we have a very high distribution of those elements which are used in rare earth magnets, which is the major growth area”.

Ultimately, the Frontier ‘advantage’ comes from a combination of “low radioactivity, high grade, attractive distribution and we have a known host mineral, which means that the process risk in going from mining to separated rare earth oxide is lower.”

In December 2012, Frontier completed a major strategic partnership agreement with the South Korean Government signed through Korea Resources Corporation (“Kores”) focused on the financing. As a major user of rare earths and dependent upon China for supply, Kores – a major user of rare earths – has “a 10% stake … for which they paid 24 million dollars.” In addition, said James Kenny, as far as the radioactivity from thorium and/or uranium that is typically associated with rare earth deposits, “we are very fortunate that the levels of raidoactivity at Zandokopsdrift are very low and do not provide us with any significant challenge in terms of disposal”.

Frontier Rare Earths is in the middle of a prefeasibility study which will be completed in Q3 this year and will further confirm the technical and economic viability of the project.

Disclaimer: Frontier Rare Earths Ltd. (www.frontierrareearths.com) is an advertorial member of ProEdgeWire.



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