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Tantalus Rare Earths AG announces that they move from the current listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange First Quotation Board to the “Primärmarkt” of the D-dorf Stock Exchange

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December 4, 2012 (Source: Tantalus Rare Earths) —

Tantalus Rare Earths AG (“TRE AG” or “the Company”) today announces that preparations are nearly finalised to move from the Company’s current listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s First Quotation Board to the  “Primärmarkt” of the Duesseldorf Stock Exchange. The Primärmarkt provides additional transparency requirements for listed companies.

For example, additional requirements include:

* Audited financial statements need to be disclosed within six months of listing

* Half-year financial reports needs to be published within the first nine months.

Due to the listing requirements, transparency requirements and ongoing
obligations, the Primärmarkt is a superior exchange to the Frankfurt Stock
Exchange’s First Quotation Board. In addition to the above information
requirements, companies listed on the Primärmarkt have to comply with the

* ad-hoc announcements

* Publication of a corporate calendar

* Company profile (annually renewed)

* Publication of supplements to prospectuses

TRE AG is responding to the new segmentation of the OTC / Open Market on the
Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which has already led to a number of companies
delisting. In the primary market Duesseldorf, only companies which successfully
meet the relevant performance criteria are allowed.

TRE AG CEO, Juergen Schillinger, said: “We are pleased to make the move to the
Duesseldorf Stock Exchange and feel that it is a more appropriate exchange for
TRE AG to be listed on. We welcome the additional disclosure requirements and
hope that the increased transparency will improve the visibility and
attractiveness of TRE AG for our shareholders and new investors, as well as for
our business partners.

“The listing will officially commence in the next few days.

“We have committed ourselves to produce a securities prospectus no later than 31
March 2013, in order to conform with Primärmarkt regulations and have initiated
all necessary measures to create an appropriate securities prospectus which will
be published after approval by the German Federal Financial Supervisory
Authority “BaFin”.

The listing of TRE AG shares in the First Quotation Board, Open Market of the
Frankfurt Stock Exchange will close, due to the closure of this exchange, on 14
December 2012.



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