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Rift Valley Resources Limited: Angolan Government signs on with Ozango Prospect

| May 05, 2014 | 2 Comments

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Raj Shah


Raj Shah has professional experience working for over a half a dozen years at financial firms such as Merrill Lynch and First Allied Securities Inc., ... <Read more about Raj Shah>

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  • Pooja Fotedar

    Hi Raj, Hope you find this email well. By way of introduction , I am Pooja Fotedar Vertical Head for Mining Projects at Fleming Gulf Conference ( Dubai). I am currently doing research on the subject mining in Angola which will lead to a conference in Luanda in March 2015.
    While I was reseraching I came across with many articles from you and few on Angola .I am very keen on any information / pointers you can share in terms of challenges & issues in Angola that we should highlight in the conference.
    Below are areas we would be highlighting :
    – Overcoming current macro-economic challenges in the country
    – Understanding various legislative and policy impact on mining operations & in general economy of the country
    – Discovering alternative capital raising schemes for miners
    – Challenges & solution proposed
    I would really appreciate, if you could share issues that we should highlight in the conference to discuss according to you . I appreciate your time in helping me with my research . Also, please let em know if you would like to be an advisor of the conference.
    Looking forward to your response and thank you in advance for your attention.

    Best Regards,
    Pooja Fotedar

    August 5, 2014 - 10:41 AM

    • Tracy Weslosky

      Thank you Pooja — we do lots of African resource content on InvestorIntel thanks to Raj Shah, and our editor Alessandro Bruno…who is an African market specialist. Send me your email and I will introduce you. Email info@investorintel.com and thanks for visiting InvestorIntel.

      Publisher, Tracy

      August 5, 2014 - 10:55 AM

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