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Rare Element Receives Overwhelming Community Support for the Bear Lodge Project

| November 21, 2013 | 4 Comments

Rare-Element-ResourcesNovember 21, 2013 (Source: Rare Element Resources) — Rare Element Resources Ltd. (NYSE MKT: REE and TSX: RES) (the “Company”), a mineral resources company advancing development of the Bear Lodge Critical Rare Earth Project in northeastern Wyoming, is pleased to report that it has received resolutions or letters of support for the Project from three counties, six municipalities, one school district and the Black Hills Regional Multiple Use Coalition.  These statements express support for the Project, acknowledge the potential economic benefits to the communities and encourage the timely completion of the required state and federal analysis and permitting activities.

“We are both thankful and overwhelmed by the strong show of support for the Bear Lodge Project from the local communities,” said Randall J. Scott, President and Chief Executive Officer.  “These statements demonstrate that the people of Wyoming value natural resource development and appreciate it can be done with full consideration of environmental protection.  They understand the importance of a thorough and efficient permitting process and are encouraging state and federal agencies to take steps to accelerate and streamline the process to move it forward as expeditiously as possible.  Being located in the great state of Wyoming represents significant value for the Bear Lodge Project, both in the existing infrastructure and talented pool of professionals from which to build our team.  We appreciate the strong, vocal support for our Project and look forward to being a contributing member of these communities for years to come.”

Resolutions/Letters of Support
In the resolution passed by the Black Hills Regional Multiple Use Coalition, their Board of Directors recognized mining as “…an important, historic multiple use in the Black Hills region” and supported the “timely permitting of the Bear Lodge Project…”

Resolutions were received from the counties of Crook and Campbell, with a letter of support from Weston County.  Crook County acknowledged that “…Rare Element Resources has an open door policy that includes public updates and tours to showcase its pride in the environmental and socially sound job they are doing…”  Campbell County recognized “…the Bull Hill critical rare earth deposit, located in the Bear Lodge Mountains, has been identified as one of the most important non-Chinese deposits in the world and has been determined to be a vital piece of the restoration of America’s critical minerals supply chain…”  Weston County’s letter stated that the community was “…excited at the prospect that a new, low impact industry might locate in our area.”

The governing bodies of Upton, Sundance, Moorcroft, Hulett and Pine Haven all passed resolutions in support of the Project, while the City of Newcastle issued a letter.  In Upton, the site of Rare Element’s proposed hydrometallurgical processing plant, Mayor Don Sharkey acknowledged that the plant “…will bring to the Upton area a significant number of safe, high-tech, and highly skilled jobs…”  Paul Brooks, Mayor of Sundance, encouraged “…all Federal agencies to consider the urgency and geostrategic importance of bringing this vital project into production without further delay…”  The resolutions or letters signed by Gregory James, Mayor of Newcastle, Vivian Odell, Mayor of Hulett, Steve Blakeman, Mayor of Moorcroft, and Mike Smith, Mayor of Pine Haven, all encouraged the regulatory agencies to support successful and timely completion of the required federal and state permitting activities.

The sentiments reflected in the statements of support were consistent with the results of polling conducted for the Company by GS Strategy Group in April 2013.  Of the over 400 registered voters of Crook and Weston counties interviewed, 87% said that they believed mining at the Bear Lodge Project could be done in an environmentally responsible manner.

Copies of the resolutions can be found on the Rare Element Resources website at www.rareelementresources.com/bear-lodge-project/community.

Rare Element Resources Ltd. is a publicly traded mineral resource company focused on exploration and development of rare-earth element deposits, specifically those with significant distribution of critical rare earths.  The Company is advancing development of the Bear Lodge Project, located in northeast Wyoming.  Bear Lodge is a significant mineralized district containing many of the less common, more valuable critical rare earths that are essential for electronics, fiber optics, laser systems for health and defense, as well as many evolving green technologies, like hybrid cars, solar panels and wind turbines. Permitting and feasibility work on the Project is currently underway.

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  • Veritas Bob

    Has the The Rosebud Sioux Tribe submitted a letter of support for the Project? If so, that would be quite a turnaround from its previously stated position. http://www.indianz.com/News/2013/010676.asp?print=1 http://www.sdcleanwateralliance.org/RareEarthElements.html . This PR by Rare Element Resources is a spinmeistering PR hype job at its worst. Even if they’re telling the truth, they’re certainly not telling the whole truth.

    November 21, 2013 - 5:25 PM

    • Tracy Weslosky

      Hey VB, I have to say your line “spinmeistering PR hype job” made me chuckle. Anyone that knows management at Rare Element Resources know that they have always had a conservative, professional and understated approach to PR and keep their heads down and are focused on corporate benchmarks being achieved. Believe me, this descriptive does not stick.

      I liked Ron’s response, but I will forward this discussion to management as we need to do a proper update on Rare Element Resources as they have has several pieces of good news (including the above) over the last month.

      November 22, 2013 - 1:47 PM

      • Veritas Bob

        Well, Tracy, given the Rosebud Sioux (and possibly other) Tribe opposition, I believe the PR stands on its own merits regarding the conservativeness or not of current company management, at least as to pertains to some matters. I more closely followed the company under previous management 2 to 3 years ago, and they were definitely anything but conservative – bragging about a million ounce gold mine at less than 1/2 gram per ton – give me a break.

        November 22, 2013 - 3:59 PM

  • Ron Drey

    Hi Bob,
    For the record:
    • The project is approximately 20 miles from Devils Tower as the crow flies
    • There are 12 tribes on the Forest Service list for government-to-government consultation
    • Tribal cultural sites will be identified and will be appropriately addressed
    • A 3rd party consulting firm has done a Class III Archaeological Survey and found no areas of major concern. That said,I readily acknowledge that this was not as thorough a survey as will be done by the Tribes themselves
    • A Tribal Cultural Survey of the Upton site was undertaken by 4 tribes earlier this month. They were planning on doing the same at the mine site but were prohibited because of snow. Tribal Cultural Surveys will resume at both location next spring/summer.
    • While Mr. Russell Eagle Bear is free to express his opinion, no tribes has filed formal opposition to the Project

    I believe that Rare Element Resources to date has undertaken the appropriate actions available to address the concerns you have consistently posted .

    November 22, 2013 - 1:14 PM

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