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InvestorIntel launches InvestorIntelReport to create a competitive Intelligence source for members only

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Jack Lifton and Tracy Weslosky join forces in the weekly Technology Metal Report 

May 6, 2014 — Do you really know what’s happening behind-the-scenes in the equities market? Tracy Weslosky, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of InvestorIntel (InvestorIntel.com), a leading global investment intelligence news source for the innovative and entrepreneurial minded, realized after a nearly dozen plus years of working with public companies that investment intelligence should give more attention to extraneous variables that affect market valuation. Such variables, for instance, include geopolitical issues, shareholder pressures from retail versus institutional investors, and the impact of investment bankers on financing. So, it is with great pleasure that InvestorIntel announces the launch of a commentary taking into account all of these variables, the InvestorIntelReport.com.

Tracy Weslosky says: “With InvestorIntel, the goal was to hire the brightest minds to attract the sharpest audience to follow public companies. In securing top industry experts, analysts and business journalists alike, InvestorIntel has developed more than an online community for information and debate – we have developed a platform for securing competitive intelligence. While we love the fact that InvestorIntel’s original content is reproduced by numerous sites worldwide, we want to provide a more personal, private, and discrete platform through which to share even more in-depth intelligence and details from our day-to-day work and travel. InvestorIntelReport allows you to gain access to what I get to see every day as a full-time publisher in the industry.”

Jack Lifton, Founding Principal of Technology Metals Research, LLC says of his new joint venture with InvestorIntelReport: “I travel constantly as a private consultant and am asked to review data surrounding critical materials by governments and industry leaders alike. InvestorIntelReport lets you travel with me and see the world of investment opportunities shorn of the hype and the promotion. Even if you don’t always agree with my ‘take’ you still get the honest hard data you need to make informed decisions at the same time as I do.”

The InvestorIntelReport membership is intended to offer numerous competitive advantages including but not limited to:

  • Video Content. Weekly commentaries from internationally recognized expert Jack Lifton alongside Tracy Weslosky emailed to you weekly or accessible via username and password online at InvestorIntelReport.com.
  • Editorial Commentary. Tracy Weslosky and Jack Lifton manage the editorial content, publishing a wide range of investor and industry Intel every week, combining Tracy and Jack’s streams of data, reports and analysis towards the InvestorIntelReport publication.
  • Intelligence & Reporting. InvestorIntelReport will provide weekly and monthly industry intelligence and sector updates via email for members only written by Tracy Weslosky, Alessandro Bruno, Chris Ecclestone, and Robin Bromby. The updates will include stock price movement and industry news and highlights that might be too controversial for InvestorIntel.
  • Additional Benefits. Discounts to industry events, database information sets and event calendars for upcoming events are included in this enhanced service offering.

InvestorIntelReport annual memberships are priced at USD$ 250 and you may sign up at InvestorIntelReport.com  or email info@investorintel.com to secure a subscription.

About InvestorIntel: InvestorIntel (InvestorIntelReport.com) is a leading global investment intelligence news source for the innovative and entrepreneurial minded. With over 2 dozen editors worldwide contributing daily, InvestorIntel already has an A-list audience that includes industry leaders, high-net-worth investors and intellectuals from predominantly the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the European community. Coverage presently includes: Rare Earths & Technology Metals, Graphite & Graphene, 3D Printing & Technology, AgriBusiness, Biotech, Cleantech, Oil & Gas, Uranium & Nuclear Energy and Gold, Base & Precious Metals.

For more information, Contact:
Tracy Weslosky, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher
InvestorIntel.com | info@investorintel.com
(+1) 416.581.0177

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