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Hydrometallurgical Tests Confirm High Purity Mixed Rare Earth Oxide

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Northern-MineralsFebruary 6, 2013 (Source: Northern Minerals) — Northern Minerals ASX announcement: Hydrometallurgical Tests Confirm High Purity Mixed Rare Earth Oxide


Highlights include:

  • Purity of the final calcined product exceeded the target of 92% Total Rare Earth Oxide (TREO) in mixed Rare Earth (RE) oxide with a dominance of Heavy Rare Earth– 61% yttrium, 11% dysprosium
  • Increases market potential and value for Browns Range product, as mixed RE oxide is more amenable to the production processes of potential off-take partners
  • Extraction efficiency in the acid bake and water leach step exceeded 85% and the precipitation efficiency of the oxalate precipitation step exceeded 99%
  • Scoping level estimated capital cost of A$40m for the hydrometallurgical facility, with an estimated operating cost of A$4.40/kg concentrate feed
  • First production of mixed Rare Earth oxide targeted for 2016 with $58M funding package in place supporting the pathway to production

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