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Arafura Adds Lanthanum Oxide To Seperated Rare Earth Oxide Product Range

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Arafura-ResourcesJanuary 24, 2013 (Source: Arafura) — Australian Rare Earths company Arafura Resources Limited (ASX: ARU) is pleased to announce the achievement of another major milestone by producing a separated Lanthanum Oxide product.

The successful separation of Lanthanum completes Arafura’s goal of developing five individual separated oxide products for initial commercialisation of the Nolans Project. This novel separation of lanthanum follows the successful production of samples of four other Rare Earth Oxide (REO) products from the Nolans Bore resource in 2012 (ARU: ASX 17/01/12 and ASX 6/6/12):


  • Cerium Oxide
    Nd/Pr Oxide: Didymium Oxide (Nd+Pr);
  • SEG Oxide: ‘Mids’ Rare Earth Oxide (Sm+Eu+Gd); and
  • HRE Oxide: ‘Heavy’ Rare Earth Oxide (Tb+Dy+Ho+Er+Tm+Yb+Lu+Y).

To read the full ASX release click here



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