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A New “spice” Metal to Enhance Industry & Life

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JetFebruary 1, 2013 (Source: Metallica Minerals) — Scandium is a rare earth element that most people would never have heard of. It’s a technology metal which can be used in very small amounts like a spice to considerably enhance aluminium alloys, fuel cells and lighting.

Brisbane-based mineral resource development company Metallica Minerals (ASX:  MLM) owns a high-grade scandium and cobalt-nickel project, called SCONI, in North Queensland that is potentially the World’s first commerciallyexploitable
scandium deposit. Scandium has several valuable cleaner, greener and
more efficient applications lying in wait.

For someone new to the world of rare metals, in particular scandium, this report is a clear concise insight into all this “spice” metal has to offer.

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