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What’s good for U.S. Rare Earths is Good for America

| November 18, 2013 | 2 Comments

Weslosky-Cassidy-USREENovember 18, 2103 — Tracy Weslosky, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of InvestorIntel interviews Kevin Cassidy, CEO/President of U.S. Rare Earths, Inc. (OTCBB: UREE) and inquires about “the very aggressive drilling results the company has recently reported”.

Kevin mentions that the U.S. Rare Earths has spent considerable time this year looking at what is known about their project via historical data, and comparing this with what can be learned applying newer technology. He states that in both cases “we are very happy to report significant findings and to some degree confirm, all the work that’s been done historically – by USGS (U.S. Geological Survey)” as well as several other large companies. And in the process, U.S. Rare Earths has “added to that by way of finding new discoveries.”

Tracy notes that the company has expanded its land claims – around 25,000 acres in several states. She inquired of Kevin as to what the catalyst might have been for this action. He said that it was due to the very positive results they’ve received from their exploration work, noting that they “have added two Central Park-sized pieces of properties, specifically around readings that…represent very high percentages of critical rare earths.” Kevin concluded that “in this market, if someone is expanding their properties, there’s probably a good reason.”

Tracy compliments U.S. Rare Earths on the successful $4M Private Placement carried out over the last several weeks. She asks, “Could you tell us what makes you such a compelling story, when we have people lined up around the block, trying to raise money right now?”

Kevin opines that it is a combination of the company’s exploration results, but also has a lot to do with investors’ appreciation of U.S. Rare Earth’s Management and Exploration teams, and the fact that they’ve succeeded before with these activities.  After all, he says, “this isn’t our first rodeo, and you bet on jockeys, not horses.”

Tracy wonders if Kevin’s visibility about being all for sustainability – via rare earth’s sufficiency of supply for the U.S. is a reason that some of “the power players” have been drawn toward this operation.

Kevin states that there are issues which are in the national interest – such as national defense, procurement, sustainability, and supplies. He mentions that Russia has recently announced they are committing a billion $ to assure their own supplies of these critical metals.

The bottom line for Kevin and his company?

“We are, (he says), determined, as a board, as a senior group of executives, all of whom don’t have to do this for a living, to create an American, complete supply-chain solution, which will include a separation mill for the critical and heavy rare earth elements – in the continental United States.”

Tracy concludes by saying that the company’s efforts “sound like a win-win to me” and tells Kevin to be sure and let InvestorIntel readers know about the next news from U.S. Rare Earths.

Disclaimer: U.S. Rare Earths, Inc. is an advertorial member of InvestorIntel.

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