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Vito Nicastri ‘King of Alternative Energy’ not attending the Technology Metals Summit.

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Vito Nicastri ‘King of Alternative Energy’

Vito Nicastri ‘King of Alternative Energy’

This morning’s news included the Italian police seizing a record €1.3 billion ($1.7 billion) in assets from renewable energy mogul Vito Nicastri. Dubbed the “king of alternative energy” for his involvement specifically in wind farms and photovoltaic cell companies, this 57-year-old clearly will not be attending the Technology Metals Summit April 21-22 in Toronto. After all, the Italians now control his 66 bank accounts and will undoubtedly be identifying the 43 renewable energy companies that all utilize rare earths and critical minerals.

So, how does an electrician become a billionaire?

For starters, they will be attending the 2nd Annual Technology Metals Summit 2013 Renewable Energy: the next industrial revolution. A global forum for companies involved in the rare earths and critical minerals sector to gather together to discuss the rising trends for innovative technology applications and the impact on future rising demand as well as review competitive industry analysis and intelligence. There will be over 100 companies gathering including but not limited to sector frontrunners: Alkane Resources, America Vanadium, Arafura Resources, Focus Graphite, Frontier Rare Earths, Great Western Minerals Group, Hastings Rare Minerals, Molycorp, Namibia Rare Earths, Orbite Aluminae, REE Stocks Company, Quest Rare Minerals, Rare Element Resources, Texas Rare Earth Resources and Ucore Rare Metals.

Security of Supply: Governments, Processors and End Users is an example of the kind of panel being hosted at TMS 2013 that supports our understanding of rising market demand. Formalizing substantial deals in this sector, this panel will highlight Alkane’s deal with Shin-Estu, Frontier’s deal with KORES, Matamec’s deal with Toyota and Orbite Alumnae’s deal with Veolia. This and many other reasons support why billionaires are sitting on Rare Earths and Critical Mineral Boards, and many others are investing heavily.

And what does Nicastri have to do with this? He is an example of the many rising wealthy players around the world involved in our growth sector and yes, of course he is not the savory type we would want, but should we be surprised that ‘the Family’ is already here? Solar panels require rare earths and critical minerals; wind turbines require rare earths and critical minerals – and most of the endless technologies on this planet that can either enhance our world through renewable energy or the leading edge military technologies that can destroy our world – use rare earths and critical minerals.

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