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The ‘truth’ behind 2013: graphite wins the race & AOS just wins

| January 06, 2014 | 2 Comments

2013-1-6-REELIn 2013, the InvestorIntel Rare Earth & Critical Minerals client sector was down -36.09% after having one of the first successful upticks of the year in December with a +6.16% gain overall. The REE Leaders Index, calculated by FTSE (Bloomberg Ticker: REEL), had an annual high of 702 on January 7th and was up +1.71% in December from 293 to 298. This said, REEL closed the year down significantly with a -54.08% drop. We kicked off 2013 at 649 and crawled through the finish line at 298. Only 3 companies we cover had positive stock performance for 2013: U.S. Rare Earths +130.40%, Medallion Resources +16.67% and Northern Minerals +5.71%. Comparatively, the 2 sector leaders for market cap were both down: Molycorp -40.47% and Lynas -55.71%.

The InvestorIntel Graphite & Graphene clients were winners, up +30.63% for the year after a skyrocketing December – up +62.71%: Mason Graphite +132.11%, Lomiko Metals +75.81% and Focus Graphite +72.41%. For the year, Zenyatta Ventures does it again – ZEN up +198.74% making it a second year in a row candidate for the top TSXV performer.

In 2013, upon securing the highly reputable John Clarke as an Oil & Gas columnist, we started attracting clients from this sector. These clients outperformed every other industry sector on InvestorIntel: up +112.77 for the year, and up another +18.53% in December. Alberta Oilsands was the hands down star performer for 2013: AOS up +210%, making it the InvestorIntel Performer of the Year.

In spite of the fact that I love our Potash & Phosphate clients – they could not withstand the cartel collapse, and were down -30.84% for 2013, but managed to hold the line in December, barely down -3.32%. Here’s hoping that trend continues in 2014…sector star performer, Magna Resources +50% in 2013.

Everyone talked about Gold on Bay St. and we were honored to secure a bi-monthly column commitment from world renowned expert David Morgan, but in spite of excellent readership on InvestorIntel for Gold & Silver – our clients were down -50.60% in 2013, but in December showed a turnaround is occurring, up +17.49%. And you heard it here first…

Let’s not dismiss our Uranium & Nuclear Energy clients, who managed to tether out the year without too much of a beating: down -28.93% for the year, only down -4.69% in December. We have it on good authority to watch the top 20 exploration plays, and are working on another surprise for our readers.

On a final note, we rolled out Cleantech and Technology in the last month, bringing in 2 clients that averaged down -18.70% in December but were up +3.36 for the year. Welcome new client MCW Energy Group that was up +15.53% in 2013.

And Happy New Year’s to our InvestorIntel readers and on behalf of our team – I would like to introduce you to the InvestorIntelReport. Presently, InvestorIntel sends out nearly 10,000 daily updates for free. We enjoy doing this as we are motivated by making a difference. And in my experience, the only way to make a difference is to speak the truth.

Twain said it best with “Truth is more of a stranger than fiction.” and in my own life, when in the company of those that can comprehend great truths – it has always been my experience that those with the courage to understand what is really going on are our undisputable leaders.

Great writers, journalists and analysts are an exceedingly unique group of talented professionals that are placed first in our business model here at InvestorIntel. Always truth – the goal here is to get people to lay their truths on the line so honest debate and intelligence can be gained. When I started this site in 2008 it was inspired by the fact that I honestly knew nothing about rare earth elements, but in my conversations with the experts, no two could answer the same question the same way. In creating RareMetalBlog, it was intended to inspire the real professionals and leaders to sort through the endless chatter, and help those of us seeking real knowledge to separate the facts from the fiction. The challenge is that sometimes the confusion is so great, accelerated by endless propaganda and repaginated poorly written trite commentaries that have been created by low-end outsourced ‘developing’ talents that what ends up happening is a viral effect of misinformation clogging communication channels, and making us arguably worse educated than before. Toss in the velocity of the online media channels, not to mention the power of social media and we have more power to misinform than ever before.

Regularly I am asked what stories I like, what companies I stand behind, but I resist the temptation to share this with our readers because I am not a licensed investment advisor, and presently there is no accreditation process for writers that want to comment on liking companies based on leadership and their vision. In 2014 I am going to change this, and I will start selecting a company of the month to watch. This may only be accessed via a subscription that you may access by clicking on the following link.

Many of you like Jack Lifton…have you ever heard him unplugged? InvestorIntelReport will allow you to read what Jack really thinks…and better year, hear — as he will be tracking his travels and speaking engagement with video feeds for subscribers to the InvestorIntelReport.

Additionally, I receive and pay for intelligence to be gathered from around the world and have numbers crunched and calculated weekly that I share with our advertisers from time to time that I will be sharing with those with a subscription. You want to see some of the intelligence I receive? Well, then join us in 2014 and subscribe now…official launch is this Friday, January 10th.

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  • Dave G.

    Great to see Zenyatta remaining at the head of the pack. Great company. Very surprised to see that Focus Graphite did not do twice as well in light of that offtake agreement on the Lac Knife project with the Chinese. Thanks for your insight, looking forward to InvestorIntelReport.

    January 6, 2014 - 11:26 AM

  • Tracy Weslosky

    To access all of the charts from all of our clients, please subscribe to InvestorIntelReport at the following link: http://investorintelreport.com/login-page/?subscribe=1

    We have started InvestorIntelReport.com towards providing increasingly competitive intelligence.

    January 6, 2014 - 12:28 PM

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