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#TMS2013: Critical Material Inaction Place us at Crossroads

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idea_bulb“You really need a life…” said a friend of mine who text messaged me for a 3rd night in a row last night with “meet us at location X”. My response all week has been the same: “must pass – prepping for #TMS2013”. This said and as we all know, life doesn’t work around the schedules we want; no matter how perfect the intention or commitment may be. This was my thought last night as I received a message from an associate’s family member about their hospitalization and their related concerns about his children.

This individual is suffering from depression, a condition that seems to be affecting more and more people than ever before. Curious as to whether my intuition was correct, I went online and discovered that there is an estimated 121 million people in the world living with some type of depression (2012) and Americans account for 30-36% of this count.

Why a prosperous and international nation with arguably more resources and pharmaceuticals than most in the world today is noteworthy. As I reviewed my to-do list for #TMS2013 this morning, it occurred to me that a lack of control or a perception of failure is seemingly a clear and consistent variable to this affliction. The characteristics of those in highest risk include weight, unemployment, relationship failures and financial issues. I am certain that there are more.

Yesterday I had a conversation with ProEdgeWire’s Sr. Editor and Scientist Dr. Luc Duchesne that seemed relevant that I would like to share with you.

I had originally called Luc to get the details of the tree that fell on his train from Toronto to Ottawa on Thursday that seemed quite dangerous. He is fine but in the course of our conversation, he made a comment that stuck in my mind about two words in the English language that may be most disconcerting to society today — ‘mistakes’ and ‘crossroads’.

Clearly a person suffering from depression has had some moment in time perceived the issues relating to his/her health or personal relationships for instance; to be a mistake made at a crossroad that perhaps they felt they could have handled differently?

The catalyst for this statement had occurred when I said “Luc, can you please pen a quote for our next #TMS2013 news release that I am putting out on Monday.” I wanted to lead in with his quote this time as his recent columns on the surge in graphene patents for instance have secured substantial readership. Additionally he will be participating on #TMS2013 Panel C: Satisfying Future Technology’s Demand for Critical Materials: (from the graphene patent surge (medical to nanotechnology) to beryllium and nuclear energy) — which will be powerful as it relates to future forecasts and demand.

Text messaged an hour after the call, he writes me with: “Graphite and rare earths put us at a crossroad:  far-reaching decisions made by the few will have a significant impact on our collective future. The last time this happened, crude oil became the dominant energy source that shaped all aspects of the human experience.”

I grew up in the States in the 70-80’s and recall the impact of the oil cartel on our markets. Could we have done something differently? Had we seen our mistakes earlier in complete dependence on another nation would we have made different choices during the various crossroads we have had in our nation?

Knowing the ‘can-do’ attitude and leadership of the American entrepreneur the answer must be and is in fact: yes, absolutely. Our renewable energy entrepreneurs not only continue to strive for solutions to remedy this challenge but some would argue if brought together – the solution is here today.

One ProEdgeWire commentator wrote last week: “When will the panels end — and action start?” To me depression is a state that occurs when too many panels have occurred and when crossroads are met with inaction.

It is our intention to qualify strategic solutions as our sector is indeed nearing the crossroads on various issues relating towards critical materials. Contemplation, thought and strategy for resolution in one of the most powerful think tanks of the year in the rare earths and critical mineral sector will occur in one week and counting. Along with leaders from nearly 100 companies participating at #TMS2013, we will be integrating feedback and ideas from our audience.

I would like to thank our Sr. Editor Alessandro Bruno who has already penned 5 #TMS2013 summaries and here are my most recent social media posts that you are most welcome to use:

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  • #TMS2013 Panel J: ‘#Sustainability and the Bottom Line’ http://bit.ly/12UEi0y #Resource_sector #Rare_Earths

It is unquestionably the inability to take action which leads to many negative symptoms in our lives and society. So if the issues relating to critical materials are ones you would like to be a part of, you need to attend #TMS2013.

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