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Welcome OLED: Roll-out of the World’s first 55 inch Organic Light-Emitting Diode TV

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OLEDFirst shown last year at the Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas, LG Electronics, South Korea’s consumer electronics behemoth, rolled out the world’s first 55 inch organic light-emitting diode TV (OLED,) this morning in Seoul. South Korean consumers from today can start placing orders for the 11 million won HDTV, roughly 10,300 US dollars, at over 1,400 retail stores in South Korea. Delivery is due to commence early next month.

Rollout in North America and Europe is planned for later in the first quarter, with details probably coming at next week’s CES 2013 exhibition in Las Vegas. LG Electronics is seeking to get a head start over other the manufacturers of 55 inch OLEDs  (Sony) also presenting at next week’s consumer electronics show. Despite the flat screen being 55 inches, the TV is only an ultra-thin 5 mm in depth, and comes with major energy efficiency savings over the existing generation of high definition flat screen TVs.

LG Electronics expects global shipments of its new 55 inch OLED TV to be only about 50,000 units in 2013, but rising to 7.2 million units in 2016. Again more guidance will likely come out at next week’s show. LG’s OLED TV is a direct competitor to LG’s 84 inch Ultra HD TV released last year, but comes with the massive price advantage of roughly 10,000 USD versus 20,000 USD. While most of us probably won’t be in the market for a small car priced, very large screen, high definition TV any time soon, even if these TVs are morphing into the super jumbo sized internet connected version of the very latest smart phones, we can expect to see them multiply very fast in the world’s upscale malls and department stores, and the fashionable watering holes of the younger sports minded males.

Next week’s annual consumer electronics trade junket, kicks off the 2013 round of the very latest in new consumer products plus what’s in the pipeline. All followers of the rare earth elements sector, plus followers of graphene and carbon nano-technology, should be following next week’s developments with great forward thinking  interest. If LG or for that matter Sony, are looking for UK based, older generation guinea-pig, 2013 product tester to lend ether a 55 inch model or an 84 inch model, for suitable feedback, please get in touch with Tracy at Proedgewire.com ASAP.  Most of my furniture and other possessions, can be put into storage for about a year.



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