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Technology Metals Summit 2013 Presentations, Video Interviews and Special Thanks

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IMG-20130508-00517I would like to graciously thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your participation in the 2nd Annual Technology Metals Summit, Renewable Energy — the next industrial revolution. It was more than just another event for me; it was a gathering of friends and colleagues, and an affirmation of a promise for our industry’s future prosperity. Speakers clearly articulated how the exciting new renewable energy technologies will drive growing demand for rare earths, graphite, lithium, vanadium and scandium, just to name a few…or as we call them — Technology Metals.

The above photo is a collection of thank you letters that we have received since the event was completed Monday, April 22nd. We have them posted in the office so that everyone can appreciate the relationships we have built since starting our site in 2009.

DSC_3341Here is an example of one email from a #TMS2013 Delegate who wrote: “Enjoyed meeting you at the conference, and was impressed with how well respected you were by all. I was able to learn enough to have a clearer understanding of the REE sector and where my current investments stand time wise. Also was intrigued by graphene and vanadium. I thought the most important observation of all was Ian Grandel’s about the 4 things required for a junior REE company to obtain financing, a positive flow sheet, customers, demo plant, and off take agreements. That makes a lot of sense to me and I’ve used it to separate the prospects from the BS. I also like to look the CEO’s in the eye and hear them to get a sense of management style as well as intelligence…”

DSC_0256I enjoyed this letter because while I respect my friends whose investment decisions often preclude the consideration of management, often only making decisions on spreadsheets and technical analysis only — it is my style to invest in people. And #TMS2013 had a lot of people I have invested in over the years, as they have invested in me.

Many have asked to receive copies of all of the #TMS2013 PowerPoint’s or Presentations that were presented during the 2-day event. To access any of the following Presentations, click on the Company or Presenter to access:

Please note that if you presented at #TMS2013 and have a revised PPT and/or you would like to have your presentation added, please email me at info@proedgewire.com and we will take care of you as quickly as possible.

This year, we were very fortunate to have Dave Glover from InvestorToday.ca to assist us and step in and provide some stellar interviews with as many presenters as humanly possible. The approved interviews are listed as follows:

  • Hastings Rare Metals aims to become a leading global supplier of dysprosium  http://shar.es/Ze7RH
  • Arafura explains how to cut a billion dollars in operating cost from an REE project http://shar.es/Zeutr
  • Frontier Rare Earths to keep the world in ‘Heavies’ for a Decade http://shar.es/ZeulB
  • Game changing events in Processing & Metallurgy Propel Rare Element Resources to Industry Forefront http://shar.es/ZeuDa
  • Namibia’s Unique Lofdal Rare Earths Project Rich in Heavy Rare Earth Oxides http://shar.es/Zecmi
  • Less Common Metals ‘Jewel in the Crown’ — Great Western’s Vertical Integration Strategy Advantage http://bit.ly/17RDgoP
  • Alkane’s Strategic Relationship with Rare Earth Magnet Giant Shin-Etsu Key to Financing – ProEdgeWire http://shar.es/Zec9N
  • Beryllium: a Key Asset in Texas Rare Earth’s Rich Round Top Project http://shar.es/ZeGHe
  • Zenyatta Ventures Soars on “freak of nature” Graphite…http://shar.es/Ze5gL

DSC_0434Let me add, there are at least 3-4 more interviews sitting in front of management waiting for final approval…we will add as soon as we secure them!

Of course if you were here, you would have seen all eyes on Dr. Tony Mariano who received the #TMS2013 Lifetime Achievement Award. I would like to thank Andre Gauthier of Matamec who toasted Tony, and of course Constantine Karayannopoulos of Molycorp who presented this award.

And of course, none of this could have happened without the event coordination team under the energetic leadership of Sue Glover. I am very grateful for her endless talents and her stellar personality; which was confirmed by everyone in all of the letters above how she made everyone feel at home. On a final note, please allow me to thank Director, Photographer Clint Adam Smyth, along with my dear friends Sharron Clayton and Pamela Hastings —  and my son Asher Berube, we could not have done this without you!

Here’s to a wonderful week! Tracy

Tracy Weslosky


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