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Technology Metals Guru Celebrates Milestone

| April 30, 2015 | 16 Comments

Lifton-Jack-InvestorIntelI would like to take a moment in the InvestorIntel daily commentary and news coverage for self-directed investors and entrepreneurs to recognize our #1 ranked editor — Mr. Jack Lifton, and wish him Happy Birthday.

Turning 75 today, Picasso once said “It takes a long time to become young.” and believe me – for an international technology metals, no one understands what this means better than Jack. Always smiling, and often in the throes of one of the most geopolitically charged industries in the world: Jack once told me that he honestly did not care what anyone else thinks about him.

Some people in the industry, and even our audience sometimes really give it to me about Jack and his columns. But here’s what I really want to say: if you dislike Jack so much, then why are you reading him and watching his videos? After all, Jack’s audience continues to grow, and his videos average over 5 minutes per view. Keep in mind that the average YouTube video is only watched for .45 seconds.

Lifton, as you may or may not know – coined the term “technology metals” five years ago, and this is what we at InvestorIntel now refer to as the way to describe all of the specialty metals, strategic materials, critical metals, energy metals that previously captured rare earth elements, graphite, lithium, hafnium, niobium, cobalt, scandium and many others that affect: technology.

Now I can go on all day about Jack or the “rare earth warrior” as Jim Engdahl described him to me last week. Instead, I asked Jack’s partner in Technology Metals Research, LLC Gareth P Hatch, PhD CEng FIMMM FIET to say a few words and kick off our warm wishes…

Gareth Hatch: Jack has been a unique feature of the world of rare-metals commentary since long before I entered into the arena myself some years ago. His perspective on the technology metals (a phrase that he himself coined) generates strong opinions and it’s not for nothing that the Financial Times once dubbed him the Apocalyptic Soothsayer (a moniker that he secretly rather quite liked, I think).

Jack isn’t the first person to discuss the imbalance between future demand for rare and critical metals and materials as result of a growing world population, and the major challenges of supply that we will face, but his explanations of the facts and implications are among the best that I’ve ever read. I’ve always admired his ability to tie the day-to-day ‘goings on’ in the markets to the bigger, historical and geopolitical picture. He is able to connect the dots where others fear to tread, or are incapable of doing so – the torpedoes be damned…

It has been a pleasure to know and to work with Jack on a number of projects and initiatives over the years, and I congratulate him on the occasion of his 75th birthday.

I would like to encourage our audience and the industry alike to wish Jack, a very Happy Birthday.

Tracy Weslosky


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  • Daniel

    Happy Birthday Jack and many more.

    April 30, 2015 - 4:03 PM



    Thanks for the very kind words. I will try to continue to annoy and irritate people who make up their minds without reference to the facts for as long as I can.



    April 30, 2015 - 4:48 PM

  • Robin Bromby

    This site would not be what it is without Jack — and I mean that in a (very) nice way. I have met him only once (at a rare earths conference in Sydney) and remember a pleasant and highly informative conversation standing looking out over the harbour while we both skipped a predictable company presentation. And then he gave, by far, the most entertaining presentation over the two days of that conference. Since then I have always enjoyed his comments on InvestorIntel, and hope to for many years to come (for both our sakes, Jack — I am only a few years short of you in vintage terms). Congratulations and a very happy birthday.

    April 30, 2015 - 5:37 PM

  • Christopher Ecclestone

    Jack is truly the Moses of the Technology Metals space.. he came down with the Ten Commandments.. lashed out at the Golden Calf of REE promotion.. spent 40 years in the wilderness (well, four, but who’s counting) and now unlike Moses gets to lead investors to the Promised Land of “right-sized” production.. A prophet in his own time… (and metals sub-space).. Happy Birthday, Jack!

    April 30, 2015 - 6:22 PM

  • Luc C Duchesne

    Jack, wishing you many more astounding years. Best regards.

    April 30, 2015 - 6:36 PM

  • Chris Berry

    Given that I was in diapers when Jack was an established expert in this space, I’ve considered it a real privilege to learn from one of the true “masters” of the tech metals universe. I hope one day I can teach and enlighten people in the same way you’ve helped me. Happy Birthday, Jack!

    April 30, 2015 - 6:36 PM

  • Giuseppe Buzzetti

    many thanks Mrs Tracy Weslosky for pointing out Mr Jack Lifton birthday .

    Mr Lifton
    I am glad to wish you an happy birthday.
    Your columns reflecting your experiece allow me to enlarge the knoledge of rare earths and technology metals
    Happy birthday

    G Buzzetti

    April 30, 2015 - 7:11 PM

  • Jeff Thompson

    Happy 75th Birthday, Mr. Lifton, and thank you for all of the wisdom you’ve imparted to those in the industry who have read you for years, as well as those who on a daily basis continue to newly-discover this fascinating intersection of mining, technology, geology, market forces, and chemistry. Always look forward to your articles.
    Jeff Thompson

    April 30, 2015 - 8:10 PM

  • Klhdan

    Happy Birthday Jack from all the longs in Ucore! We see you as a source of knowledge and wisdom.

    May 1, 2015 - 12:40 AM

  • Richard Brescianini

    Best wishes on your 75th, Jack. Remind me to shout you a lemonade when next our paths cross. Perhaps at the Aileron Roadhouse for old times sake? Cheers!

    May 1, 2015 - 2:51 AM

  • Jack Lifton


    Thanks. Actually my day at the roadhouse included the quietest night, under the brightest stars, that I have ever spent. I’d love to revisit it-but that’s an old-man thing, the quest for peace and quiet-even so….


    May 1, 2015 - 8:19 AM

  • NGS

    Cent’anni, Jack!
    Tanti auguri!

    May 1, 2015 - 11:16 AM

  • George Bauk


    Wishing you all the best for your 75th birthday. What is ahead of us all in REE space?. I look forward to my 75th birthday and hope I can reflect on my journey like you have to date. Enjoy the great day and look forward to catching up soon.

    George Bauk

    May 1, 2015 - 12:05 PM

  • Richard Hammen

    Happy 75th, Jack. I think that you are unique among us Active Adults, in that you keep learning and learning and that your mind is open and fresh. Congrats for the work you do. You are the best guy we have in understanding the business from the laws of Mother Nature (metallurgy and ionic separations) to the bankers and people on the Boards. Keep on writing!

    Richard Hammen, Ph.D.

    May 1, 2015 - 1:21 PM

  • Hiwayman

    A day late to make your birthday last longer.At 75,a time
    to feel a complete sense of being human,not only is your
    work appreciated by so many-it is sufficiently outstanding
    to be quoted. Best wishes.


    May 2, 2015 - 1:33 AM

  • Ron Drey

    Happy Birthday Jack. I’m also a day late & hopefully not a dollar short. Best wishes for health, wealth & many more.

    May 2, 2015 - 11:57 AM

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