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Rumor: Jack Lifton, Rare Earth Advisor to the President of the United States

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_DSC6740There are a lot of incoming emails hitting our office with PDAC around the corner in 5 days and counting, but my favorite is the email series on whether or not Jack Lifton is the Advisor to the President. Presently I do not have confirmation, and on some level – I do not want to know.

The New Straits Times published on February 24th: “Kuala Lumpur — Advisor on rare earth to the White House Jack Lifton will be among the international speakers who will be presenting papers and sharing their views on this hotly debated issue of rare earths when they attend the international seminar on rare earth in Kuantan next week.”

With hushed phone calls I have listened over the years as the illustrious Mr. Lifton has been credited with all kinds of comments equally complimentary and disparaging stemming from his opinions and positions he has taken in the strategic material sector. Having taken the heat a time or two for publishing his lengthy writings; I have consistently published him when he has requested this from me. After all, I find him quite respectful and passionate in his interest at tracking down his truth. After all, every journalist and writer relates to this commitment as we all strive to be true to our innner voice in our own writing.

This is how I see Jack: as a writer. Do I think he is a great writer? Yes, and let me explain why…

Being a writer does not mean that you are right, nor that your reality reflects that of others; it simply means that you are committed to expressing your understanding through the written word. It’s like a painter. The greatest artist is not the one whose painting captures reality with meticulous precision, but whose interpretation conjures thought, imagination and debate.

Yes, I understand that one must be factual and responsible when representing public markets. This said the present day news release writing, the announcements and legal drafts that we often cite and read all day long often simply…lack soul.

On a final note, as we prepare for the Technology Metals Summit April 21-22 in Toronto, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jack for coining the term ‘technology metals’* and perhaps to congratulate him on his new position?

[*We had this debate several years ago when touring Ucore’s property in Alaska, and his answer to the replacement of the term ‘rare earths’, as many are not ‘rare’ was to call them ‘technology metals’.]

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