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ProEdgeWire Exclusive: Stans Energy Targeted by Chinese Rare Earths Interests in Kyrgyzstan

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Stans-EnergyApril 19, 2013 — This is an exclusive ProEdgeWire interview that exposes the efforts of a Chinese government backed rare earths group to prevent Stans Energy (‘Stans’, TSXV: HRE)  from developing its wholly owned Kutessay II project in Kyrgyzstan. ProEdgeWire Publisher Tracy Weslosky comments: “I am pleased to have Robert Mackay, the CEO of Stans Energy, here to reveal the intriguing details that finally shed light on why Stans has had to endure so many legal battles in running its heavy rare earths mine. Moreover, I also welcome Alastair Neil, a respected professional, with over 20-years of experience in the rare earth sector. Alastair provides additional evidence to corroborate the suspicions of Chinese interference. The suspicions were raised by the fact that Stans acquired its property in 2009 with the full backing of the Kyrgyz Parliament. In 2011, Stans completed the purchase of the local Kashkinsky plant of rare earth elements, specialized in the processing of rare earth elements from the Kutessay-2 field during Soviet times, delivering up to 80% of the USSR’s rare earth supply.”

In this exclusive report, Robert summarizes the events and circumstances leading to its discovery of a veritable plot to take its operating license away involving Chinese government backed miners and Kyrgyz members of parliament. He states: “In this interview, I will be disclosing, for the first time, details of an orchestrated attack against our company, by a Chinese organization, with ties to public figures in Kyrgyzstan.  The information I am about to disclose is legally sensitive”, said Robert, reading from a prepared script in order to ensure the accuracy of the details and in view of the legally sensitive nature of the information. The details are rich with intrigue worthy of a spy novel, involving political personalities, Chinese company executives and direct evidence of attempts to ‘purchase’ officials.

The evidence for such claims comes from emails, correspondence and court documents as well as witness accounts. “Stans Energy is facing renewed legal action from a Kyrgyz State Prosecutor’s office that is being spearheaded by specific members of the Ar-Namys Party”, said Robert, showing the emails that confirm this. One of these reads: “Our company have get Chinese government support, if you are not cooperate with us for next step, we will search National large listed enterprises to cooperate to develop this project”. Ultimately the orchestrated attack against Stans prove the strategic value of owning and operating a HREE deposit with known metallurgy, such as Kutessay II and the need to establish safe and secures supplies of REE for Western firms seeking to escape Chinese dominance of the industry.

Disclaimer: Stans Energy Corp. is a ProEdgeWire: Rare Earths & Critical Minerals sponsor.

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