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Month-in-Review: Energy driving dreams for Critical Material sector

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ronburgundyconanloverboy-625x344Going to start the InvestorIntel November Month-in-Review off differently and start by showing you what our readers were interested in and let you draw your own conclusions. After all, conclusions are perspectives are based on our own experiences and we are all seeing the world differently reiterated the Gen-Y professional who earnestly justified why he could only work 4 hours a day yesterday made clear to me.

For starters, the most heavily viewed article of the month was titled Meet Renewable Energy’s Biggest Ambassador (and you already know him) – and was a story on Arnold Schwarzenegger. I recall arguing heavily with Ty and refusing to allow him to publish a speech. Ty thought it was nothing short of revolutionary and clearly evidenced Arnold’s role as a global leader for renewable energy and was pleased that he had received approval to publish this speech from the Schwarzenegger camp. I, on the other hand, was mortified over his interest in printing what I deemed to be ‘flat text’.

“Our readers do not want to waste time reading speeches…” I started – “they want to read real heartfelt commentary on why you have come to your conclusion on why this speech matters and support your conclusion with facts, knowledge and insight…and then you can pin the speech to the end.” And heartfelt Ty gave as only Ty can and in the process of considering this process, it occurred to me that on this eve of my 45th birthday after reviewing numerous tweets this morning on how to achieve ‘flash wealth’, ‘instant thinness’ or my personal favorite ‘true love’ — that my secret to success is no greater or less than what yours is and may accurately reflect a positive theme for November.

So here is my secret and forgive the simplicity as one might consider a life full of lessons to be a rather thick novel, but for me is contained in one word: Energy.

What Ty did right in his piece that garnered the attention that he received was that he invested a piece of himself into the text, and as a result, he attracted readers. I have known this for a long time and the reason I love online media is that it is an insatiably rewarding medium when set up correctly. Clients that have done interviews that have secured financing or JV opportunities or attracted new shareholders is the catalyst for why InvestorIntel exists. This said, online media makes no exception for negative or positive energy – it just reacts to energy and the more extreme, the greater the response. This is one of many reasons why Mayor Ford received so much attention. Had he simply resigned and not pushed back, not resisted the interest and instead ‘rolled over’…we would have missed Ron Burgundy’s interview with Conan and his interpretation of the old classic Loverboy single — ‘Working for the Weekend’.

And for the record, this is the reason for Twitter’s success — its real time energy, and it works.

Yesterday a graphite company explained to me that they are simply going underground until they get into production. Closing down all marketing and public relations, they intend on focusing their energy on something that will reward them back – business benchmarks being achieved. I understand this and appreciate the challenge that is occurring specifically in the critical materials sector and will speak about this further, but this is after all what it takes to be successful. If you give more than you get then you go bankrupt. If you give and get the energy back you are recharged, revitalized, inspired – and are successful. This said, by going off-line they miss out on opportunities to be exposed to shareholders and opportunities and would contend that you cannot stay in the game if you are sitting on the sidelines…even in a rocky game.

Now let’s see who gave and received the ‘energy’ in November as the Top 10 most viewed InvestorIntel articles were as follows:

  1. Meet Renewable Energy’s Biggest Ambassador (and you already know him) – Ty Dinwoodie
  2. Replacing rare earths and ‘other’ technology metals: world technology to take a step backwards? – Jack Lifton
  3. Will Graphite be next on China’s Export Quota list? – Ty Dinwoodie
  4. Focus Graphite — it’s all about the numbers – Ty Dinwoodie
  5. REE Index: An ‘undervalued’ rare earth market trends downward, but for how long? – Tracy Weslosky
  6. Hong Kong event declares war between ‘lights’ and ‘heavies’ over? – Tracy Weslosky
  7. How to Read and Interpret an Announcement by a Junior Rare Earth Mining Company 101 – Jack Lifton
  8. Today’s Solar Energy Forecast: Sunny with a 100% chance of Solar Energy – Ty Dinwoodie
  9. ‘We want to develop our mine’ — Stans Energy’s Chairman discusses   International Arbitration and the Kutessay II Rare Earth Project – Tracy Weslosky
  10. Tasman Metals’ Norra Kärr is ‘the only advanced rare earths project within the EU’ – Ty Dinwoodie

This is the reward for publishing an online site – knowledge, information and data. Understanding what investors are most interested in and are reviewing while skewed on numerous levels, at least provides some kind of benchmark for consideration. While analysis of the past will leave you in the dust, trends and patterns when recognized do offer competitive intelligence. So on that note, the Top 10 most viewed InvestorIntel articles for last week were as follows:

  1. Replacing rare earths and ‘other’ technology metals: world technology to take a step backwards? – Jack Lifton
  2. NYC industry event advances theme “think graphite today — think graphene tomorrow” – Tracy Weslosky
  3. Week-in-Review: Rare Earth sector hits 52-week low and investors pencil in Graphite winners – Tracy Weslosky
  4. China’s first rare earth spot trading platform to stabilize rare earth prices – Hongpo Shen
  5. China, Japan and the East China Sea: déjà vu all over again? –   Daniel McGroarty
  6. U.S. Rare Earths: “This isn’t our first rodeo.” – David Smith
  7. Graphite producers at NYC summit agree that demand for natural graphite is expected to increase – Tracy Weslosky
  8. A JLR Contest to label the steps in a junior miner stock market bubble – Jack Lifton
  9. Still waters run deep: Silver’s evolving supply crunch – David   Morgan
  10. China’s monthly rare earth exports reach highest level of the year – Hongpo Shen

Leaders Index (Bloomberg: REEL) as we closed the month on November 29 at 292.62 – an all-time low: down -17.13%. Thought I would review the month before where we closed the month on October 31st: down -10.53%. So what happened in the last 3 months? REEL at close of market on August 30, 2013 at 352.91, versus market close on November 29 at 292.62: down -17.08% for last 3 months.

In reviewing the InvestorIntel critical mineral clients for the month as I have integrated rare earths and graphite together, because this is where they belong — and together, we were collectively down -12.62% with some few exceptions:

  • Lomiko Metals Inc. OTCQX:LMRMF lead the race, up +37.78% — from USD$0.04 to $0.06 and likewise TSXV:LMR up +20% from CAD$0.05 to $0.06.
  • U.S. Rare Earths Inc. OTCQB:UREE went from USD$2.10 to $2.65 — up +26.19%
  • Zenyatta Ventures LtdTSXV:ZEN went from CAD$2.45 to $3.08 — up +25.71%
    and their OTCQX:ZENYF rose from USD$2.359 to $2.78 — up +17.72%
  • Texas Rare Earth Resources Corp. OTCQX:TRER went from USD$0.48 to $0.52 — up +8.33%
  • Mason Graphite TSXV: LLG moved +2.78% from CAD$0.36 to $0.37


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  • Sue Glover

    Great article Tracy…stay positive as you get the energy you give …. and we have so many amazing success stories to tell. The Ron Burgundy — Rob Ford bit was my favourite from that media frenzy, so thanks for the smile. Good to see Lomiko, U.S. Rare Earths, Texas Rare Earths, Zenyatta and Mason rise last week.

    December 3, 2013 - 1:52 PM

  • Tracy Weslosky

    I interview Ian Chalmers and Jack Lifton this morning — will be asking both: is this the bottom?

    December 4, 2013 - 8:41 AM

  • GoBucks

    Nice overview.

    Thank you for sparing us from “Ahnold’s” speech.

    I can only speak for myself. I look to your blog for news and GOOD commentary in the business, science and technology of critical materials. I can get speeches elsewhere.

    December 4, 2013 - 11:53 AM

  • bellfast

    I’m glad you r only speaking for yourself. I happen to have really enjoyed that article and thought it was welldone. I am not a fan of commenting but I notice you love to write negative comments constantley. If you don’t like something don’t read it, move on or go somewhere else. But keep your negative comments to yourself. Go polish your guns or something. Once they’re all shined up, maybe go to a tea party really. I am not alone as it appears many other people like the article to and the subject of re-newable nrg.

    December 4, 2013 - 4:28 PM

  • GoBucks

    So, Mr. Bellfast…dissenting opinions rub you the wrong way, do they?

    It’s fine that you liked the article. I bet a lot of people did. Feel free to comment as you see fit.

    I will do the same.

    It’s called “discussion “.

    I’m not (yet) a gun owner, but…you SHOULD come to one of our Tea Party meetings sometime. They’re really outrageous. After chatting over a cup of coffee or a glass of beer (or tea if you like), we generally have a speaker, take some discussion, end with a door prize raffle…and then we all urinate on the floor and burn the place to the ground.

    December 5, 2013 - 12:35 PM

    • Ben-at-it

      If I had known the tea party was actually more like an outdoor 80’s rock concert — would’ve joined ages ago. Now to me, the relevant data in the above article is the all-time lows experienced in the REE index. In looking at it this morning, it seems that it is at another all time low: 284 points. I would like to thank the InvestorIntel team for maintaining this excellent standard for reviewing what’s happening in our sector.

      December 5, 2013 - 2:59 PM

      • GoBucks


        Good one.

        I agree, it’s a great round-up.

        December 5, 2013 - 5:20 PM

  • money 4 nothing

    The most viewed articles r appealing 2 me. The reason is that it shows me that graphite is giving REE a run 4 its $. Your twitter and social media pro is really good as this is how I found II. Thx

    December 5, 2013 - 3:05 PM

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