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Nano One Materials ramps up for commercialization of lithium ion battery materials

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iStock_000075097873_LargeNano One Materials Corp. (TSXV: NNO) announced that it has been approved by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) for a $2 M grant to help fund the design, construction, optimization and demonstration of Nano One’s Demonstration Pilot Plant for the production of lithium ion battery cathode materials based on its proprietary technology.

Nano One owns a scalable industrial process for producing low cost high performance lithium battery materials, particularly ion cathode material, and also a wide range of other advanced nanostructured composites. Its patent-protected technology (US Patent 9,136,534) describes proprietary three-stage process, which uses equipment common to industry and is being engineered for high volume production and rapid commercialization.

Nano One is an expert in nanostructuring, which is the manufacturing of structures of intermediate size between molecular structures and microscopic structures.

Nanostructuring is the sound barrier of materials science.

Nanostructuring can improve material properties including electrical and thermal conductivity, optical behaviour, dielectrics, heat resistance, stiffness, strength and resistance to wear. It has relevance in everyday applications including for example the strengthening of implants and concrete, 3D printing, drug delivery, weatherproofing, coatings, UV protection and energy storage. However, applications are restricted by cost of production.

A nanostructured material generally describes materials that have been either patterned or have structural features in the nanometer (nm) scale.

Thus far the cost of nanomaterials and their purity have been limitations to the widespread adoption of nanostructuring.

Nano One’s core technology addressed this need for cost-effective nanomaterials by simplifying the raw materials requirements and the way they are assembled into nanostructured materials. The manufacturing technology is cost-effective, scalable and easily adapted for the industrial production of a wide range of known and yet-to-be-discovered nanomaterials.

At the core of the technology, nanoparticles are built up from atoms and molecules. The Nano One method is based on the formation of a complex precursor called complexcelle on a bubble surface, which facilitates the controlled formation of specialized microstructures or nanostructures and a final product with particle size, surface area, porosity, phase purity, chemical purity and other essential characteristics tailored to satisfy performance specifications. Powders produced by Nano One’s technology are obtained through a reduced number of processing steps relative to currently used technology and can utilize presently available industrial equipment.

In February 2015, Nano One announced that they have entered into a collaboration agreement Noram Engineering and Constructors Ltd. (“Noram”) to design, procure, construct, optimize and operate a lithium ion cathode material pilot production plant for the purposes of demonstrating cost, scalability, performance and novelty of Nano One’s technology to third party strategic interests.

With a staff of 200 Noram has built a global reputation for innovation and excellence in the supply of proprietary engineering and equipment packages to the chemical, pulp and paper, minerals processing and electrochemical sectors. Noram has completed capital projects on five continents and are recognized worldwide as a leader in the fields of nitration, sulphuric acid and electrochemistry.

SDTC supports cleantech with high potential for jobs, growth, and export opportunities for Canadian companies, as well as economic, environmental and health benefits for all Canadians.

SDTC operates at arm’s length and receive funding from the Government of Canada.

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    Great News for Nano One, really making themselves to be positioned in the Lithium Ion Battery Market.

    March 10, 2016 - 2:09 PM

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