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Nano One lithium battery pilot project granted $1.95 M from Government of Canada

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nno-132Nano One Materials Corp. (TSXV: NNO) announced today that it has been awarded up to $1.95 million to plans to build and operate its demonstration pilot plant for the manufacturing of lithium battery components. The grant is from the Automotive Supplier’s Innovation Program (ASIP) of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

Based in Vancouver, Nano One has a scalable industrial process for producing low cost high performance battery materials and a wide range of other advanced nanostructured composites. This highly innovative process uses three steps and common industrial equipment and is being engineered for high volume production and rapid commercialization.

Nano One has been granted 3 patents covering process, materials and batteries and is actively developing other novel technologies to bolster its portfolio of intellectual property.

In granting $1.95 M the Canadian Government acknowledges that Nano One’s technology could reduce costs by up to 50% ($/kWh) delivering robustly structured cathode materials that last 2-3 times longer, store more energy and deliver more power. For electric vehicles, such increased efficiency could translate into fewer battery cells, less weight, less cost, extended range and less range anxiety, longer lifetime or better warranties. For consumer electronics, this could mean greater storage, faster charging, more power or smaller cell phones and computers for example.

The announcement was made at Nano One’s facility in Vancouver by Jonathan Wilkinson, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, on behalf of the Honorable Naveen Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. The program is a competitive non-entitlement program aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Canadian automotive sector.

Nano One has a technological advantage in the fierce race for market shares of lithium batteries. Some of the more promising cathode materials being developed in labs around the world are using processes with 50 to 100 steps and production cycles of 4-7 days. Nano One’s technology can use lower grade raw materials and complete a production cycle in less than a day using a three-stage process with up to 75% fewer steps. There is less handling, lower cost capital equipment, no waste solvents, 90-95% yield, many fewer failure points, higher safety and flexibility to run different material formulations in a controlled and sealed environment.

The pilot project funded by the Government of Canada makes use of equipment common to industry and is designed with flexibility to demonstrate a variety of processing concepts and chemistries. This should enable Nano One to adapt to market needs and produce a range of cathode materials, including lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide, high voltage spinel and lithium iron phosphate. The innovations lie in a simple aqueous process that enables a wider range of raw material inputs, eliminates manufacturing steps and provides high purity high performance materials.

Nano One reported that it is on target to have the pilot built early in 2017.

Its technology is already drawing the attention of multinational lithium ion battery stakeholders in the automotive supply chain.

The proceeds of the grant are to support the design, construction and operation of Nano One’s Pilot Plant and will enable the production of larger volumes of lithium ion cathode materials in 2017. The pilot will also be used to showcase Nano One’s patented technology and simulate full-scale production of various lithium ion cathode materials that are strategically important to the electric vehicle market.

The Automotive Supplier’s Innovation Program is granting up to $100 million over five years (2015-2020) to encourage Canadian automotive suppliers to develop innovative products and processes that will make Canada more competitive on a global scale.

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