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Mark Thompson on the Talga Graphene Partnership with Tata Steel

| November 09, 2015 | 1 Comment

November 09, 2015 — InvestorIntel Publisher Tracy Weslosky in an interview with Mark Thompson, Managing Director for Talga Resources Ltd. (ASX: TLG) discuss the formal collaboration agreement announced earlier today with the UK steel arm of global conglomerate Tata Group. Talga, which is operating what is arguably the world’s highest grade NI 43-101 resource for graphite, is linking their emerging industrial scale graphene production to end-user Tata Steel’s growing large volume graphene coating innovations. The global paint and coatings markets currently use over 40 million tonnes of materials per annum and the benefits of graphene in the coatings market include the control of corrosion and being environmentally friendly.

Tracy Weslosky: Mark, you’ve just put out some substantial news in the last 24 hours. You just made a deal with a company that does $100 billion in revenue in 2014, Tata. Can you talk to us a little bit about this deal announcement please?

Mark Thompson: Sure. Formalizes the results of quite a bit of work between Tata and Talga; working on graphene samples we’ve been producing both in Australia and more recently in Germany from the pilot plant. It really is, I guess, the acceptance from Tata that some of these products are going to be potentially commercial and they’re looking for a source of larger scale supplies. This collaboration agreement starts formalizing what hopefully will go on to be a long-term relationship.

Tracy Weslosky: Okay. This formal collaboration deal is with the UK steel. It’s the division from Tata Group. Is that correct?

Mark Thompson: The steel division, which is quite significant in its own right, has been probably the preeminent large volume end-user in the graphene space for a while now so their interest in coatings does actually span things like the energy market to do some battery coatings for example and fuel cell development, but they all come down to coatings on steel products. That’s been the branch of the company that’s probably the most advanced at the moment.

Tracy Weslosky:  I deem this to be rather substantial news from the perspective that this puts you out front as a graphene producer. Obviously Tata believes you can create or you can produce commercial scale graphene. Is that correct?

Mark Thompson: We’ve been catching up with them (Tata) for quite a while now, actually over most of the year, both from the scientist level, now you’re seeing the more corporate level starting to recognize what can happen as well. I think the significance is also just that it validates our graphene production capacity and the actual output, but also even as a graphite supplier that is reaching into new markets that I think is the most serious aspect of it in that the markets you can access with ultrafine graphite as well as the graphene are actually larger than the current natural graphite market. I think this is definitely a commercial tick in those boxes.

Tracy Weslosky: Obviously this collaboration deal you have with Tata really provides additional reinforcement about Talga being out front as being able to actually produce graphene on a commercial scale. Can you tell us a little bit about this? To access the complete interview, click here

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    Great interview and very interesting company. I really enjoy the video’s and have subscribed to your YouTube channel to make sure I stay up to date. The panel discussion videos coming out from your technology metals event last month are really good. Hope I will be able to make it next year!

    November 12, 2015 - 11:24 AM

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