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Lifton, Kingsnorth, Bird and Hatch lift Rare Earth Market Interest

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REE & Critical Minerals Week-in-Review: Rising tides in the sector, did you see the highly charged Jack Lifton interview and debate we posted this week on Jack Lifton’s ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ Rare Earth Element Companies? If you missed this one, equally charged was the follow-up debate for Alessandro Bruno’s piece on Dudley Kingsnorth titled Kingsnorth believes Rare Earth Element demand and prices to increase. Jack and Dudley graciously clarified information and answered questions for our audience and even TMR’s Gareth Hatch joined in and enhanced the conversation with updated statistics surrounding the market demand for magnets. Add in the interview with Colin Bird on Galileo’s ‘suite of resources’ advantage: phosphate, scandium, niobium and rare earth elements (AIM: GLR) and it was an excellent week overall here at InvestorIntel.

Speaking of InvestorIntel, the REE Leaders Index (Bloomberg Ticker: REEL) was up +3.63 from 386 to 400 points, while InvestorIntel members averaged up at +4.76% for the week (see below). Please note that we have just finished programming a new online page that allows you to see how the top 15 REE Leaders are faring with their prices as contrasted to the REEL performance that may be accessed by clicking on the REE Index sub-category in the below navigation bar, or just click here to access.


And for those raising an eyebrow at the previous line, yes — we have officially changed the name from ProEdgeWire to InvestorIntel.

Approximately a month and a bit ago, we re-engaged a previous domain we own and noted a stark increase in visitors to the site. If you look up RareMetalBlog.com, ProEdgeWire.com or many other associated rare earth domains we own – we redirect you to InvestorIntel.com. This said, our official announcement will be in mid-September, but allow me to unveil our new logo that Augustine Louie has designed for us. I met Augustine from Augustine Creative Services several years back when he designed the Avalon Rare Metals logo, and speaking of Avalon they had some extraordinary news yesterday with Avalon Receives Positive Report of Environmental Assessment for the Nechalacho Rare Earth Elements Project, Thor Lake, NWT.

So drum roll please, and allow me to reveal the new InvestorIntel logo:

Now onto the InvestorIntel Star Movers for the Week — Mkango, Ucore, Crossland, Great Western, Northern & Pele:

On a final note, for those of you writing us we must send a ‘no, thank you’ to the individual who felt his mining poem should be published, and as for the Dudley Kingsnorth interview our Director has taken his first vacation off in years and so it’s queued for editing when he returns…numbers for this week are as follows:


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