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Russian grant revs Stans Energy while battery market fuels Stria Lithium

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investorintelreport.png.xarInvestorIntelReport for the week ending September 19, 2014: The weaker commodities theme continues for last week as I drill down on InvestorIntel member averages for the week ending September 19, 2014. The graphite and graphene sector lead for least negative downturn at -4.68%. This followed by oil and gas -4.77%, rare earths and technology metals -5.10% and uranium, down -5.49% for the week ending September 19th, 2014.

The leading performer of the week was Stans Energy Corp. with TSXV: HRE up +32.26% and OTCQX: HREEF up +13.99%. It is clear that the market is starting to comprehend the significance of the Stans Energy’s substantial Skolkovo government grant program approval, and what it might mean for their ability to perhaps finance an acquisition outstanding of Kyrgyzstan? Never mind the timeliness as the Russians are in the news for tightening control here…

Northern Minerals has been belting out the news this summer, and I would argue that we have 100% agreement from just about everyone in the rare earths sector and industry agree that Northern will be a winner* – ASX: NTU up +23.08% again last week. As the rare earth fight club dwindles down to a beaten dozen plus pack, note that the strong contenders are all standing. In this week’s #1 most read article of the week, Jack Lifton highlights a half a dozen in Lifton’s rare earth market update that reminds us that China is NOT standing still. Tomorrow, Ellis Martin of our new IntelRadio interview program will be following up on Arafura (ASX: ARU) with their major progress in de-risking of Nolans Project’s path to production announced last week.

It is my understanding that Stria Lithium Inc.’s CEO Julien Davey stopped in to meet with Jack Lifton while in Detroit last week. Not sure what they discussed, although I suspect batteries were a theme — but TSXV: SRA was up +11.54% for the week.

The graphite and graphene section is being taken over by 2 of InvestorIntel’s brilliant editorial quarterbacks. Dr. Luc Duchesne, just back from the World Graphene Summit that I understand Grafoid attended; will be keeping you updated on the latest graphene technologies. This, while Peter Epstein who is rising quickly in readership handles the weekly Graphite IntelReport . Expect this starting tomorrow at market open, and it’s ironic that Alabama Graphite Corp. is sponsoring this series – with TSXV: ALP up +10.87% and OTCQB: ABGPF +4.30% last week…perhaps the market has heard that they are investing in the education of the sector for our audience? Speaking of hearing, I look forward to Epstein updating us on Great Lakes Graphite Inc. last week with TSXV: GLK up +22.22% — #2 for the week, for largest uptick.

Lots of gold debate in my inbox recently. The funds are selling, but real people are buying…this downturn is not making sense. For instance, according to Bloomberg this AM: “sales of gold coins by the U.S. Mint reached 39,500 ounces so far in September, heading for the best month since June and topping August’s total by 58 percent.” Obviously we need to figure this out, so let me put our quarterbacks on this issue and just for fun – let’s toss a scientific analysis on what is really happening.

The below are InvestorIntel’s Top 10 Most Read Articles for last week, and note that we broke all records for visitors seeking information on uranium with Christopher Ecclestone’s piece — Dead cat bounce or major move ahead for uranium prices? Wonder if this is good news?

  1. Lifton’s rare earth market update: China is NOT standing still. — Jack Lifton
  2. Dead cat bounce or major move ahead for uranium prices? — Peter Epstein
  3. Elcora’s Dr. Ian Flint on Tesla’s challenge to find graphite — Tracy Weslosky
  4. Ukraine crisis pushing Russia to form rare earths alliance with China — Alessandro Bruno
  5. World Graphene Summit emphasizes gap between graphene potential and availability of capital: points to nanotech bust — Dr. Luc Duchesne
  6. IntelRadio’s Ellis Martin with David Vinokurov on Stans Energy’s Skolkovo Government Grant Program Approval — Ellis Martin
  7. How graphene could revolutionize 3D printing — Dr. Soroush Nazarpour
  8. Mackowski Success Factors for Rare Earths Development – Part 5 — Steve Mackowski
  9. U.S. Rare Earths approved to start rare earths production immediately! — Alessandro Bruno
  10. Theralase’s photodynamic therapy offers a targeted and non-invasive cure against cancer — Alessandro Bruno
  11. Considerable increase in Chinese rare earth exports to Japan and the U.S.A. this year — Hongpo Shen
  12. The Molycorp Position — Steve Mackowski
  13. Epstein on Azarga Uranium: the Next Permitted ISR Project in the U.S. — Peter Epstein
  14. Arafura announces major progress in de-risking Nolans Project’s path to production — Alessandro Bruno
  15. IntelRadio’s Ellis Martin with NanoStruck’s CEO on Water Purification Technologies — Ellis Martin

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