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InvestorIntelReport: A market turnaround?

| February 09, 2015 | 7 Comments

InvestorIntel-LogoThe action for the week ending on Friday, February 6th on InvestorIntel supports our theory that we are (perhaps) in the midst of a turnaround. +47.07% for Biotech InvestorIntel member leaders or +37.78 for our Agribusiness sector, lead by crossover Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. A brand new InvestorIntel member last week, Bill Fleming takes the helm as CEO and Abattis enters into a US$25 million equity line facility agreement with Dutchess Opportunity Fund — and $ATT moves north +116.67% and $ATBF +111.11% for the week. GrowPros Cannabis Ventures Inc. $GCI also moves up +11.11% again last week, and Theralase Technologies Inc. $TLT.V up +5.56%. Theralase has news again this morning as Theralase files Health Canada approval for next generation therapeutic laser – the pain management sector is proving a profitable market sector niche.

InvestorIntel Rare Earths & Technology Metals members up +5.79% led by a startling uptick by Rare Element Resources Ltd. Just got off the phone with Robbin Lee, Director of Investor Relations for Rare Element Resources and asked her straight up – “Robbin, I called Jack this morning because I am being inundated with questions about why $RES moved up +78.13 and $REE was up +78.04% last week. Jack said he had no idea either, so did we miss some news?” Her response was to confirm that they did not have any news, but interestingly enough she replied with: “I received more call last week than I have in the last 2-3 months.”

Over 30 comments already on the Hongpo Shen piece published on Friday titled China’s rare earth magnet exports hit record highs in 2014, demand expected to rise +50% in 2015. The interesting content, in addition to the debate from Jack Lifton, Gareth Hatch and Chris Berry is that: “Sources from rare earth permanent magnet producers said that given their current orders from customers, many company’s rare earth permanent magnet sales volume in 2015 are expected to rise more than 50%.” And I also liked: “The prices of rare earth elements in the country are soaring due to recently over a series intensive regulation and control on rare earths, such as dysprosium oxide rose more than 15%, and Terbium oxide rose more than 35%, the others also are rising. The market players are generally expected that a rising trend of rare earths in both price and demand will continue to climb, and a new round of price rising is just the beginning.

Alkane Resources Ltd. $ALK +17.31% up on no news last week, but would like to remind our audience that Alkane is clearly the #3 market cap player in the rare earths and technology metals sector at $125mm with $MCP leading at $170mm and $LYN a close second at $155mm.

In other rare earths and technology metals news, Tasman Metals Ltd.’s $TSM.V was up +8.89% and $TAS +8.33% on no news. The European Holy Grail for Rare Earths by Jack Lifton or Taking the High Road according to Christopher Ecclestone, if you do not know Tasman – either of these two columns will insure that you’re a pro in 10 minutes or less.

Lots of buzz on niobium darling Niocorp Developments Ltd. $NB +7.69% and $NIOBF +7.26% again last week, they have put out some impressive news (again) this morning on their Elk Creek Project — a 187% Increase in Indicated Resource Tonnage and a 226% Increase in Indicated Nb2O5, our global analyst Christopher Ecclestone was interviewed by the Omaha World-Herald on Niocorp this morning.

Geomega Resources Inc.’s $GMA up +7.14% and while no news last week – our Science Editor Dr. Duchesne wrote: “in the race for disruptive innovation in the purification of REE (rare earths) GéoMégA is introducing electrophoresis as proven through remarkable patented technology.” – and he left us all asking:  “what the FFE is this?” (To learn anout free flow electrophoresis (FFE), click here)

Peak Resources Ltd. $PEK moved another +5.19% last week, and I need to get an update on their A$29.5m BFS funding that was finalized with formal agreements last week, but Managing Director Darren Townsend was in Indaba last week (click here for his presentation)…stay tuned on this one.

Ucore Rare Metals Inc. $UURAF +4.14% and $UCU.V +1.92% were up on a release whereby they updated on their 2014 drill assays in preparation for feasibility study. And Arafura Resources Ltd. $ARU moved +2.13% on their most recent quarterly activities and cashflow report.

InvestorIntel Gold, Base & Precious Metals members were up +4.52% lead by Carlisle Goldfields Ltd. $CGJCD up +38.68% and $CGJ +7.14% as shareholders responded positively to their share consolidation. Carlisle I see has just put out news again this morning by signing an exploration agreement with the First Nations.

Christopher Ecclestone penned an update on Levon Resources – Ticking All the Boxes in Resurgent Metals this last week, $LVNVF +6.16%  and $LVN +3.64% on no news last week.

While the Oil & Gas sector continues to experience a tumultuous time, I was delighted to read the Oil rallies for third day after OPEC sees greater crude demand story as Tuscany Energy Ltd.’s $TUS.V moved +15.79%, and Seair Inc.’s proprietary gas diffusion technologies, continues to escalate with $SDS.V up +5.65 for the week.

Graphite One Resources Inc.’s $GPHOF was up +38.68% and $GPH.V was up +5.88% on news – and news. While our members stayed on par at +1.72% for the week, perhaps it was the news that that Graphite One extends option to purchase net smelter royalty or there plan to publish the inaugural preliminary economic assessment on the Graphite Creek project that shareholders clearly liked.

On a personal note, even if you did not know Gene Arensberg — or whether you agreed or disagreed with our long-time friend and colleague — an ardent believer in sustainability, we dedicate this week’s InvestorIntelReport in memory of Gene Arensberg: the “Vulture King”.

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  • Bill Keenes

    Demand for rare earths, and particularly for the big-four magnet metals, is growing at a rate that is unsustainable unless new heavy REE production is brought online. Perhaps the bargain hunters have began to accumulate.

    February 10, 2015 - 3:55 PM

  • InvestWatch

    Astute comment — I agree with you.

    February 10, 2015 - 4:07 PM

  • JOE O

    Tracy- thought you were going to to an update on QRM. Market cap down to 7 million, delisted, looks bleak from here. At least over the next couple years. Would love an update if possible. Strange lake was once thought of as a potential high flyer. At this point would just love a small bit of potential something.

    February 10, 2015 - 5:57 PM

    • Tracy Weslosky

      Joe O. What can I say — personally, I believe in Peter Cashin, the CEO — and if anyone can pull off a turnaround, Peter can. He has what most affectionately refer to as “street smarts”. This said, I am not a licensed investment advisor so this is NOT investment advice, just someone who has been covering the sector for many years and so let me reiterate that this is an opinion — and well, while there are many on Mr. Lifton’s “live or die” list…with many on the “die” side: I vote “live” on Quest.


      February 11, 2015 - 4:48 PM

  • JOE O

    thanks tracy
    not looking for investment advice. Just trying to determine where mr cashin may be at re: quest. My guess it gets kinda mothballed for awhile and eventually(like next decade) it may play out. Probably just wishful thinking at this point.

    February 11, 2015 - 5:21 PM

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