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InvestorIntelReport: M&A season starts as it’s ‘back-to-school’ for the bankers

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWorking on a piece for InvestorIntel inspired by the “silent ones” with an eye towards the increasing M&A movement in the equities market that we are witnessing. As many of us know, sometimes our best efforts in life do not come easy – and it seems that this InvestorIntelReport today may make this point simply through the member updates listed below. InvestorIntelReport was placed on hiatus this summer due to business development, as we have been working on expanding some of the unique attributes of our content and business model in preparation for Fall. All members will receive 2 free months extension — and that’s just the beginning…;-)

Speaking of the “silent ones” – NexGen Energy Ltd. (TSXV: NXE) joined InvestorIntel just as they released their August 26th results from their summer 2014 drilling program from their Rook I property, perfectly located in the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan — NXE moved +75.86% in August. By releasing “exceptionally strong mineralization” results, Peter Epstein seems to have identified public market perception with his article: The Next Big Takeout in Athabasca? as it was the #1 most read article last week on InvestorIntel. Congratulations NexGen and Mr. Epstein…

I missed Daniel Kaute’s call on Friday while on another line, which indeed frustrated me – hard to reach due to some impressively big news with Environmental Waste International (“EWS”, TSXV: EWS) signing an LOI with A.C. Simmonds. Apparently A.C. Simmonds (“ACS”, OTCQX: ACSX), which is focused on technologies that work towards environmental sustainability solutions – appreciates that EWS offers a way to reuse tires. The terms catapulted the TSXV: EWS stock by +100% last week, and under the terms of the proposed acquisition, “ACS will issue to the shareholders of EWS one ACSX Share for every 40 EWS Shares.” Now here’s the even better news, the proposed acquisition is “premised on a deemed acquisition price of $0.25 per EWS Share and a deemed issued price of $10 per ACSX Share, which represents an aggregate purchase price for the EWS Shares currently outstanding of $31,379,532.” EWS closed at C$0.12 on Friday, so congratulations Daniel and team – as all indicators say this will be a great year for you!

There is a lot of news to highlight and discuss as I catch up with a combination August and ‘back-to school’ (first week of September) edition. Starting with the average for the month of August 2014 and listed in order of percentage increase:

August 2014: (1) Uranium & Nuclear Energy +18.59%, (2) Oil & Gas +11.66%, (3) Biotech +8.61%, (4) Graphite & Graphene +7.57%, (5) Agribusiness +7.34%, (6) Gold, Base & Precious Metals -4.93%, (7) Rare Earths & Technology Metals -2.49% and (8) Cleantech -14.72%

Comparatively, with the 1st week of September:

September 1-5, 2014: (1) Cleantech +29.98%, (2) Agribusiness +7.34%, (3) Uranium & Nuclear Energy -.08%, (4) Graphite & Graphene -0.29%, (5) Rare Earths & Technology Metals -1.06%, (6) Gold, Base & Precious Metals -5.33%, (7) Biotech -5.48% and (8) Oil & Gas -6.30%

For starters, Cleantech flipped from last to first post-Labor Day…Gold, Base & Precious Metals stayed the same, and for all of the ‘hype’ I was told there was in graphite & graphene: it looks like we have a multiple stealth plays in Agribusiness, and an energy driver in Uranium?

So here’s your August highlights, and moving forward I intend on “tweeting” them to you. Afterall, more of us are speaking in social media lingo and with this format you can copy and paste the companies you are a shareholder in, are cheering for (full stories, analyst coverage and news highlights linked) — or are just considering….

For the week ending September 5, 2014 listed by stock movement:

  1. Environmental Waste International Inc. TSXV: EWS $0.06-$0.12 +100.00 — Tweet: $EWS up +100.00% last week on LOI news with A.C. Simmonds  $ACSX http://bit.ly/1rSdn68 @danielkaute
  2. Nanostruck Technologies Inc. OTCQX: NSKTF $0.035-$0.06 +58.50% | CSE: NSK $0.04-$0.06 +50.00% — Tweet: $NSKTF up +58.50% & CSE: NSK +50.00% last week on news: #NanoStruck Announces 87.6% Recovery of 56 gms/Ton #Silver http://bit.ly/1thJrfK
  3. Alkane Resources Ltd. OTCQX: ANLKY $2.06-$2.39 +16.18% | ASX: ALK $0.22-$0.26 +15.91% — Tweet: $ANLKY up +16.18% & $ALK +15.91% on news last wk: #Alkane’s #Tomingley #gold mine on-stream, on-time and below budget http://bit.ly/1pwXVET
  4. Anfield Resources Inc. TSXV: ARY $0.45-$0.51 +13.33% — Tweet: $ARY +13.33% last week — meet #Anfield Resources mgmt  @ #Rodman & Renshaw event in NYC this week http://bit.ly/1rSm93V
  5. Grow Pros Inc. CSE: MZO $0.10-$0.11 +10% — Tweet: $MZO up +10% last week — Grow Pros offers ‘cannacash’ and business solutions for #cannabis growers | #marijuana http://bit.ly/1rVGR0E
  6. Peak Resources Ltd. ASX: PEK $0.087- $0.095 +9.20% — Tweet: $PEK up +9.20% again last week – #Rareearth ‘grade leader’ #PeakResources’ gains 30% on new beneficiation process http://bit.ly/1rkemvt
  7. El Nino Ventures Inc. TSXV: ELN $0.055-$0.06 +9.09% — Tweet: $ELN.V up +9.09% last week — see Harry Barr in a video on #ElNino’s copper, zinc hat-trick with #MMG & #Glencore http://bit.ly/1qVuVIe
  8. Medallion Resources Ltd. TSXV: MDL $0.11-$0.12 +9.09% — Tweet: $MDL.V up  9.09% last week — enjoyed reading their last news release and reviewing David Shaw’s impressive resume http://bit.ly/1Angp0K
  9. Alabama Graphite Corp. OTCQB: ABGPF $0.209-$0.228 +8.99% — Tweet: $ABGPF up +8.99% last wk – #Alabama #Graphite Creates Tech’l Advisory Council, Appoints #Carbon Expert Dr. #Chopra http://bit.ly/1luziNM
  10. Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. OTCQX: ZENYF $1.75-$1.89 +7.98% | TSXV: ZEN $1.91- $2.04 +6.81% — Tweet: $ZENYF up +7.98% & #ZEN +6.81% last week on news as #Zenyatta Ventures Successfully Completes Pilot Plant http://bit.ly/1o5ZN7R  #graphite

For the month of August 2014 listed by stock movement:

  1. NexGen Energy Ltd. TSXV: NXE $0.29-$0.51 +75.86% — Tweet: $NXE up +75.86% in Aug – #Epstein writes #Uranium Junior #NexGenEnergy, The Next Big Takeout in #AthabascaBasin? http://bit.ly/W6Vem4
  2. American Sands Energy Corp. OTCQB: AMSE $0.48-$0.67 +39.58% — Tweet: $AMSE up +39.58%  in Aug – see Daniel Carlson in an interview on the ‘Holy Grail’ of #oilsand companies – #watervalue http://bit.ly/VwR8Uu
  3. Alabama Graphite Corp.  TSXV: ALP $0.18-$0.245 +36.11% | OTCQB: ABGPF $0.173- $0.209 +20.87% — Tweet: $ALP +36.11% & $ABGPF +20.87%  in Aug, $ABGPF +8.99% last wk too #Alabama #Graphite Appts #Carbon Expert Dr. #Chopra http://bit.ly/1luziNM
  4. Energizer Resources Inc.  TSXV: EGZ $0.12-$0.16 +33.33% | OTCQX: ENZR $0.115-$0.144 +25.65% — Tweet: $EGZ.V up +33.33% & $ENZR up +25.65% in Aug – see #Energizer’s Craig Scherba on #graphite market misconceptions video http://bit.ly/1uC9WgK
  5. Next Gen Metals Inc. CSE: N $0.08-$0.105 +31.25% — Tweet: Tweet: #NextGen’s $N up +31.25% as market recognition of medicinal #marijuana boosts interest in #hemp industry http://bit.ly/1rSw7ST #HarryBarr
  6. Geomega Resources Inc. TSXV: GMA $0.28-$0.355 +26.79% — Tweet: $GMA.V up +26.79% in Aug — latest news as #Geomega announces the discovery of new #gold-bearing outcrops revealing.. http://bit.ly/1wdst48
  7. Niocorp Developments Ltd. OTCQX: NIOBF $0.58-$0.702 +21.03% | TSXV: NB $0.63-$0.76 +20.63% — Tweet: $NIOBF up +21.03% & $NB.V up +20.63% in Aug — Feature: #Niocorp on the path to global #niobium leadership http://bit.ly/1rqpAbZ #MarkSmith
  8. Tuscany Energy Ltd. TSXV: TUS $0.43-$0.52 +20.93% — Tweet: $TUS.V up +20.93% in August — #PeterEpstein Interviews CEO #BobLamond of #TuscanyEnergy #Oil http://bit.ly/YnWseH
  9. U.S. Rare Earths Inc. OTCQB: UREE $1.46-$1.75 +19.86% — Tweet: $UREE up +19.86% in August – Feature: US Rare Earths secures ‘fast track’ to processing #rareearth minerals http://bit.ly/1sC1Rvd
  10. Anfield Resources Inc. TSXV: ARY $0.38-$0.45 +18.42% — Tweet: ARY up +18.42% in Aug & up +13.33% again last week – #Anfield Resources, the Next Conventional U.S. #Uranium Producer http://bit.ly/1rihTdP
  11. Frontier Rare Earths Limited TSX: FRO $0.28-$0.325 +16.07% — Tweet: $FRO up +16.07% in Aug with news: Frontier’s Unaudited Consolidated Financial Statements for Q2 2014 #heavyrareearths http://bit.ly/1tEx0hV
  12. Graphite One Resources Inc. TSXV: GPH $0.12- $0.14 +16.67% — Tweet: $GPH.V up +16.67% & $GPHOF up +7.77% in Aug on news: #GraphiteOne Commences Drilling And Work Programs | #graphite http://bit.ly/1pGU1cx
  13. Northern Minerals Limited ASX: NTU $0.16-$0.185 +15.63% — Tweet: $NTU up +15.63% in August on nonstop news flow – latest: #NorthernMinerals: More success for the Browns Range Project http://bit.ly/1nFJUFo
  14. El Nino Ventures Inc. TSXV: ELN $0.05-$0.055 +10.00% — Tweet: #HarryBarr & team do it again — $ELN.V up +10% in Aug & 9.09% last wk #Video: #ElNino ‘s #copper, #zinc hat-trick http://bit.ly/1qVuVIe
  15. Medallion Resources Ltd. TSXV: MDL $0.10-$0.11 +10.00% — Tweet: $MDL.V up  10% in Aug, up +9.09% again last week – news this AM: #Medallion Resources Announce Extension of MOUs http://bit.ly/1uex4ns

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