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Market Movers of the Week: Stria Lithium +16.67%, Energizer Resources +11.11% & Mason Graphite +10.71%

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VultureDid you catch the news Theralase Technologies Inc. put out last week about their partnership with SAFC in the manufacturing of anti-cancer drugs? Allow me to congratulate them for their ongoing efforts towards the elimination of pain, reduction of inflammation and dramatic acceleration of tissue healing in our planet as they averaged up the InvestorIntel biotech members to +0.45% for the week — TSXV: TLT up +1.82%.

Speaking of pain, I listened to CNN describe the market as “tanking” all morning long and would like to respectfully request that the media utilize less artillery driven descriptives as I think “tanking” was more appropriate to what happened to the rare earths sector when it dropped 56% last year. Speaking of which, I have an interview scheduled with Jack Lifton tomorrow AM, and I plan on nailing him on the pulse of the technology metals sector and what he thinks will happen next. To prepare for our discussion, I forwarded him the news on Peak Resources last night in case he had missed it…

To me, this is positive news for the sector, with Peak (ASX: PEK) securing their first tranche of funding for Ngualla Rare Earth Project received from Appian Natural Resources Fund. As written in their news release, this marks the successful satisfaction of conditions precedent for the first tranche of an expected total investment of US$25 million from Appian.

So how did our clients do last week – and did we “tank” here at InvestorIntel? The answer is a resounding: no. Alessandro is right, Potash is indeed and perhaps “the new safe haven sector to hedge against market volatility”. Our Agribusiness members were up +3.31% for the week led by IC Potash Corp. with OTCQX: ICPTF up +6.87% and TSXV: ICP up +6.38% last week on no news.

Graphite & Graphene members continue to defy overall market gravity – up +0.24% for the week for our members. Must confess that I love Peter Epstein’s Graphite Market Review, graciously commissioned by Alabama Graphite Corp. (TSXV: ALP “ OTCQX: AGPHF) – so this is a quickie, as Peter will give you the details tomorrow at market open. Led by Energizer Resources Inc. TSXV: EGZ up +11.11% and OTCQX: ENZR up +8.02% on no news. Followed closely, by an equally impressive lift on news of high grade intercepts for Mason Graphite Inc. with OTCQX: MGPHF up +10.71% and TSXV: LLG up +7.81% for the week. Focus Graphite Inc.’s OTCQX: FCSMF up +3.36% and TSXV: FMS +2.33% on no news, however, Focus was the most hotly debated company on InvestorIntel this last week thanks in part to Jon Hykawy’s guest commentary titled – Focus on Focus: Through a Mining Lens. Jump in, but do me a favor, and keep your comments on this piece to Focus Graphite: thank you.

The 2nd most debated article of the week was written by our graphene and cannabis, aka science & technology editor — Dr. Luc Duchesne in a piece titled Addressing the silence surrounding the real global threat of climate change — also, an excellent read.

Good week in the niobium space: “The main contenders to be Niobium producers in the next few years are Alkane (ASX: ALK | OTCQB: ANLKY), MDN (TSXV: MDN) and Niocorp Developments Ltd. (TSXV: NB | OTCQX: NIOBF).” – according to Christopher Ecclestone. Clearly he is correct, as MDN’s TSXV: MDN was up +9.09% on news of a change of partner in the Crevier Project.

In the rare earths & technology metals sector, which of course includes niobium: the sector was down -5.40% for the week.  Stria Lithium Inc.’s TSXV: SRA was the frontrunner, up +16.67% for the week with no news. Hastings Rare Metals Ltd. ASX: HAS +7.69% and Geomega Resources Inc. TSXV: GMA up +2.86% on no news. Northern Minerals Limited ASX: NTU continues to climb +2.13% for the week, and while there was no news last week; NTU has had a half a dozen announcements in the last month and a half, plus Steve Mackowski singles out Northern in the race to rare earth production interview.

We have noticed a sizable lift in uranium & nuclear energy interest online over the last week, but the InvestorIntel members were down on average -7.13%.  Nearly fanatical gold emails this week, which we will be following up on. Also, when I asked Jeff Phillips about the resource market he told me that I should expect tax loss selling into the holidays and a rough market right through the holidays. This said, he also said to anticipate an amazing 2015 — that is of course, for anyone still standing. I count 12 more weeks on the calendar before the New Year.

On the positive, I expect some large M&A and strategic partnership deals announced this fall. And this along with the vultures admittedly circling — the good news is that they are officially starting to write checks.

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Top 15 most viewed articles for September 2014 – note that graphite articles made #2, #3, #4, #6, #10 &#13:

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  10. Mason Graphite has Tesla’s Li-ion battery Gigafactory in its sights – Alessandro Bruno
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  12. Jack Lifton One-on-One with Ian Chalmers of Alkane Resources – Jack Lifton
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  14. Chinese imported rare earth metal ores prices show an upward trend – Hongpo Shen
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