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Graphene World Summit 2014 ramps up excitement among graphene stakeholders

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Graphene-WorldI am in a festive mood as a prepare myself to travel to the very first Graphene World Summit in Berkeley where I am dispatched by InvestorIntel to scrutinize first hand the irreversible march of the graphene industry into materials science.

The event, which will be taking place September 15-16, 2014 in Berkeley, California, is meant to bring together the scientific and business communities for technical collaboration, scientific exchange, and the successful development and commercialization of graphene and potentially other 2-D materials aside from graphene. Expert stakeholders have crafted the program.

“The aim of our first event focused on graphene is to bring together a truly global network of raw material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, producers, end-users, theoretical and applied researchers and investment experts to explore commercialization, standardization and innovation,” said Andrew Smaha, conference director for Smithers Apex. “As an attendee, you’ll experience a one and a half day event featuring balanced, comprehensive technological insight from manufacturing leaders, up-to-the-minute market analysis by well-connected researchers and advocates, and a breadth of innovative end-use needs. We’ve already secured over 20 of the world’s foremost organizations bringing graphene into the marketplace to participate in our first event making it a must attend for anyone interested in learning about the capabilities of this material and the implications for the marketplace.”

To say that I am a keen attendee is as much an understatement as claiming to be excited at watching Apollo 11’s moon landing on a grainy TV screen in July 1969.    I am excited because I have never been to a meeting where so many stakeholders devoted at the commercialization of science are so prominent, reflecting the participation of the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association and the Graphene Stakeholders Association.

On September 15, I will be sitting front row, watching closely the subtle undertones and hints of emerging applications.   There are the places where deals are made on the back of paper napkins and discussions over breakfast start up new companies.

The Graphene Stakeholders Association asserts that graphene is emerging as one of the most promising materials ever discovered – one that has the potential to play a vital role in the development of advanced technologies in key industry segments, including computing, electronics, energy, defense, health care, telecommunications, and transportation.

According to the organizers the sessions at the Graphene World Summit 2014 were designed to amplify and clarify the role of the graphene in the future include the global path to standardization, innovation and commercialization; investment strategies; material development and production case studies; and game-changing applications and commercialization success stories.

Dr. Luc Duchesne


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