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Game on as Mason Graphite enters the Graphene Race

| January 13, 2014 | 5 Comments

Not only is Mason Graphite Inc. (“Mason Graphite”) (TSXV: LLG | OTCQX: MGPHF) confirming that Focus Graphite Inc. (Grafoid) and Lomika Metals Inc. (Graphene Laboratories) have the right idea: they are joining the race.

GrapheneMason Graphite announced early this morning that it has signed a letter agreement with Group NanoXplore Inc. (“NanoXplore”), a graphene production company, to purchase up to 40% of the issued and outstanding shares at $0.80 — a +12.7% premium to Friday’s closing price of $0.71. Management of Forbes & Manhattan and Mason Graphite fully subscribed to the $700k private placement that will allow them to acquire 875,000 common shares of NanoXplore.

InvestorIntel editor Hongpo Shen anticipated such announcements occurring having just published that the race towards graphene production is real, on track and moving faster than anyone expected just last week with: China’s Graphene industry set to skyrocket in 2014. While undoubtedly not intentional, Mason Graphite is indeed making a case that if you want to be in graphite, you better grab a graphene dance partner first.

NanoXplore is similar to other graphene players in that they are being touted as a producer of large scale graphene, and like other graphene players: their website tells us nothing. The intrigue and science around graphene continues to escalate, and for those new to understanding graphene, start here with a background piece written by Dr. Luc Duchesne on how the graphene patent escalation is reflective of the Silicon Valley days and foretells of imminent graphene expansion.

In the news release today Benoît Gascon, President and CEO of Mason Graphite states: “This mutually beneficial alliance will connect our expert teams and combine potential low cost flake graphite production from our Lac Guéret project and potential low cost graphene production from NanoXplore’s process. Through this strategic alliance, we will eventually become NanoXplore’s exclusive supplier of natural flake graphite and we will actively be involved in all facets of their sales and marketing activities.”

NanoXplore was founded in 2011 by Soroush Nazarpour, B.Sc, M. Sc, Ph.D., a published author of two books and a number of scientific journals; whose Ph. D. is in Nanoscience. Let me be frank, I have been dealing with this ‘scary smart club’ for the last several years and I have yet to understand what they are saying. In part, because the value of the intellectual property is perceived to be so high that they might as well be speaking in tongues. My favorite quote to support my theory, comes from a sector leader at a graphene event in NYC recently where he said to a starry eyed crowd: “Graphene is too good for mankind.”

With this kind of following, I anticipate super metal groupies – and star stock performance for the leaders. The response by these tech geeks should breed a whole new kind of shareholder – a kind we look forward to catering to here at InvestorIntel. Why? Because anyone that begins to comprehend the impact of graphene technology on our planet will undoubtedly buy and hold for life.

Here’s what I do understand, the new release states that the “Proposed Transaction would be completed in two tranches, with Mason Graphite purchasing a 20% interest in NanoXplore on or before January 31, 2014 in consideration for $350,000 (the “First Tranche”), and having the right to purchase an additional 20% interest in NanoXplore on or before July 31, 2014 (the “Second Tranche”) for an additional $350,000 if Mason Graphite is satisfied with the business, operations and progress of NanoXplore over the six-month period following the completion of the first tranche.”

Barring geek meltdowns from graphene management, I anticipate this deal will close successfully and undoubtedly with a name like NanoXplore – they are destined for a Nasdaq listing.

Tracy Weslosky


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  • J. Best

    Following graphene developments and companies is becoming quite a daily task! The industry is changing constantly with new breakthroughs, new players and JV’s at every corner. it is very exciting. Graphene will change the world and make it a better place. Glad to see Mason on board, great company.

    January 13, 2014 - 3:33 PM

  • Elena Polyakova

    Dear Tracy,

    Thank you for covering this sector, there is certainly growing interest in this field, and it is important to see that it is being reported on. I would also like to congratulate Mason Graphite and NanoXplore on their recent agreement. Such agreements solidify the value of graphite to graphene production as a viable business model.

    There are a couple of points in your piece I would like to add some clarity to. You note that many graphene players have websites which “tell us nothing,” and I feel as if some readers may assume Graphene Labs falls into this category. Anyone can find a plethora of information about our company on GrapheneLabs.com, and we own and operate a profitable retail graphene sales business, the Graphene Supermarket (www.graphene-supermarket.com). The website lists full product descriptions and potential applications for each product.

    Unlike many other tech companies, Graphene Laboratories is a self-sufficient, profitable enterprise. We have a customer list which spans thousands of clients on all continents, and includes nearly every major university and Fortune 500 tech company.

    Graphene is certainly a challenge to understand without a technical background, and there are many players in this field who hype graphene to an unrealistic degree. These individuals often either do not have a complete understanding of this material, or are trying to take advantage of investors. For this reason, we are always transparent and to provide factual information. If you ever have any questions about graphene or Graphene Labs, I encourage you to contact me directly at Elena.Polyakova@graphenelab.com.

    CEO, Graphene Laboratories, Inc

    January 16, 2014 - 1:37 PM

  • A. Paul Gill

    1. Typo – its Lomiko with an ‘o’ not Lomika.

    2. Go back and read what Elena just wrote again and click on the links. Please educate yourself on this subject. We need informed people in this sector – think about the market opportunities.

    January 17, 2014 - 12:05 AM

  • vacuum

    I came to an awareness of Lomiko due to Tracy’s website.

    I saw an opportunity when I noticed a sideways channel on its stock chart; so I then bought the shares.

    I captured a portion of profit when LMR.v spiked, Dec2013. The position I retain is paid for by the market.

    January 17, 2014 - 2:51 AM

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