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Nouveau Monde represents the new generation of Graphite Explorers

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NOUbYoung, bright, full of energy, ingenious, and on the cutting edge of technology. I’m describing Nouveau Monde Mining Enterprises Inc. (TSVX: NOU) who just released their initial metallurgical results this morning. Quebec-based Nouveau Monde is a different kind of a mineral exploration company, representing the new generation of exploration and project generation. Led by a dedicated and motivated 34-year-old President and CEO, Eric Desaulniers, a professional geologist with over 11 years of extensive worldwide experience who specializes in geophysics and integrated 3D earth modeling, Nouveau Monde has no interest in reviving previous projects or deposits. Described as a, “geologist who prefers using high-tech tools instead of a hammer,” Desaulniers founded Nouveau Monde in 2011 with the focus of exploring and generating high-quality, value-added previously undiscovered mining projects within the Canadian province of Quebec (one of the premier mining jurisdictions in the world and with over 100+ years of combined technical experience, it’s the area Desaulniers & Co. know best) — with the goal of building a large portfolio of strategic, base and precious metals properties.

With close attention to cost-effective exploration, Nouveau Monde aggressively reduces the risks and costs of exploration by focusing on commodities and deposits that are directly detectable using Nouveau Monde’s state-of-the-art exploration tools. “Our unique and extensive experience in understanding and utilizing the latest, most-advanced geophysical tools affords us a competitive edge within the industry,” explains Desaulniers. “We work under the prospect generator business model, as we prefer working in partnership so that we can have many well-financed properties. We literally live and breathe to discover the next major economical resource in Quebec.”

As most InvestorIntel readers are already aware, a prospect (or project) generator company (or a joint-venture company) mitigates risk by partnering with other companies that invest their capital, advancing exploration projects towards development and production faster. So how is that different than other juniors? Conventional exploration companies focus on one or two projects at a time. Mostly one. Prospect generator companies focus on many projects simultaneously — for example, Nouveau Monde currently holds more than12 different properties (over 3,000 mining claims) — to enhance the odds of success and to keep costs as low as possible. A prospect generator generates new projects with grass-roots exploration programs. Costs are low for explorers like Nouveau Monde because the exploration work involves geophysical and geological research (in previously unexplored or underexplored frontier geological terrenes) and compilation by its uniquely talented field geologists and geotechnical crews. Once a significant prospect is found and land acquired, the prospect generator seeks another company to buy a portion of its prospect for a negotiated price through a joint-venture agreement. “Nouveau Monde’s vision is to generate new mining projects and develop business partnerships to establish important joint-venture opportunities,” says Desaulniers. “We are always open for discussions with potential partners to further develop our projects.”

NOUaPresently Nouveau Monde is advancing its flagship Matawinie Graphite Property, which it acquired in February of this year, located in the Matawinie region, north of St-Michel-des-Saints, Quebec (approximately 85 miles north of Montreal). This region of Quebec receives a lot of attention in the graphite world, as it is home to the only producing graphite mine in North America (Timcal’s Lac-des-Îles mine), as well as premier advanced-stage, high-grade, natural flake graphite explorers Focus Graphite Inc.’s (TSXV: FMS | OTCQX: FCSMF) Lac Knife graphite project and Mason Graphite Inc.’s (TSXV: LLG) Lac Guéret graphite project.

Yesterday afternoon, Nouveau Monde announced the first metallurgical results from its Matawinie graphite property. The study, performed by industry expert Oliver Peters at SGS Canada in Lakefield, Ontario, assessed the metallurgy of Nouveau Monde’s graphite ore to industry-standard crushing, grinding and flotation only and characterized the carbon grade, recovery and flake-size distribution of the graphite concentrate produced. No chemical or thermal purification was carried out on the flotation concentrate.

And the results are very promising: 18.2% graphite in the ore, production of a graphite concentrate at 95.9% average purity without optimization, containing 44.9% of large flake graphite larger than 100 mesh. The final concentrate produced was composed of large flake graphite (greater than 80 mesh) at an average carbon grade of 95.8% and almost half of the large-flakes in the jumbo flake category (greater than 48 mesh) achieved an average grade of 96.2% total carbon (Ct). The positive results were obtained in a single flotation test using typical flotation conditions for a first scoping level test. Further testing will focus on improving the metallurgical results in terms of concentrate grade and flake distribution size.



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    For the idea of carbon demand potentiality, those interested in graphite & graphene might also examine the old-school new-tech lead/activated-carbon battery (PbC). As was pointed out in a previous TyD article, there’s a lot going on with carbon.

    November 7, 2013 - 5:30 PM

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