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Electric car material moves markets

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electric-car“Musk has financing until he just can’t see…” is one of the numerous comments that Bourne Trader (BT) slid off his tongue this morning as we were sipping coffees at Dineen on Temperance. It took me all weekend, but the trend I identified was as clear as the BT’s forecast when he said: “Tesla is the Ford of the future.”

Let’s look at the numbers…

Triton Mineral’s ASX: TON was up +189% last week and up +27% in May with their most recent announcement that their Mozambique project yields far more high grade graphite than expected. Elcora Resources TSXV: ERA was also up +25% last week with no news, however Alessandro Bruno published a story recently titled Elcora gains access to high purity graphite ready for production and in May they announced a deal with Sakura Graphite (PVT) Ltd.

Market responded favorably to NioCorp’s drilling update with TSXV: NB up+11.32% and OTCQX: NIOBF up +7.83% last week. And then there was Mason Graphite’s TSXV: LLG up +10.34% and OTCQX: MGPHF up +2.69% last week with no news (latest news release on investing in graphene producer NanoXplore, click here). Alabama Graphite reported 25% and 28% large flake graphite last week and the market responded positively, as TSXV: ALP moved +8.57%.

Other than a sprint with heavy rare earth or xenotime star Northern Minerals ASX: NTU up +29.03% last week on news of a withdrawal from a 16% sale of Browns Range — there seemed to be a pattern of market movement behind InvestorIntel companies that provide raw materials for electric vehicles. More specifically, lithium-ion batteries; or as we at InvestorIntel call them – lithium-ion-graphite batteries. As for niobium, our best piece on how it is used in electric cars was written by Ian London in an article titled  Rare metal Niobium used to make some of today’s cars more energy efficient that I enjoyed a re-read of this morning.

This said, while I understand the rising interest in Mason, NioCorp and Alabama Graphite last week due to their North American based resources as Musk has stated that he will source his materials from North America; we have Triton with a Mozambique graphite project and Elcora with Sri Lankan graphite. The point? The electric car market is global and is well underway. And for any industrious investor, the time is now to start mapping out every junior to advanced stage exploration to producer in the world as the impact of the electric car market for transportation, logistics and the planet overall are immeasurable.

On other fronts, I pointed out Robin Bromby’s piece on uranium last week that featured one uranium company becoming property managers to BT and his response was that “uranium is the buy of the century.” Clearly BT and I are not alone as Robin Bromby’s piece on uranium was the most read story of the week last week.

The Top 10 most read stories on InvestorIntel last week are as follows:

  1. We are heading for a uranium crisis – Robin Bromby
  2. Look out for France and Brazil; they’re on a quest for critical resources as China raises the stakes again – Alessandro Bruno
  3. Potash prices have stabilized and looking up – Alessandro Bruno
  4. Eliminating Critical Materials – Not Here Today, Plenty Tomorrow – Jon Hykawy
  5. Separation of Rare Earths – Art vs. Science (Part V) – Steve Mackowski
  6. China increases efforts to promote graphene – Hongpo Shen
  7. Triton’s Mozambique project yields far more high grade graphite than expected – Alessandro Bruno
  8. It’s official: Gold is money (again!) – Robin Bromby
  9. China metal financing deals reignite transparency issue – Robin Bromby
  10. Growing bilateral ties between Australia and China may benefit Lynas – Alessandro Bruno

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